Atticus Circle Makes "Gay? Fine By Me" and "Gay Marriage? Fine By Me" Shirts Available to College Supporters of LGBT Equality

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Atticus Circle, an Austin-based national organization for straight Americans supporting LGBT equality, are launching a student-initiated shirt campaign for the Fall 2009 semester, to call attention to LGBT marriage and military issues. Students, by wearing "Gay? Fine By Me" or "Gay Marriage? Fine By Me" shirts, are hoping to call attention to the need for public officials to be expedient in doing the right thing for LGBT Americans.

Atticus Circle, the national organization for straight Americans supporting gay rights, has announced that its "Gay? Fine By Me" and "Gay Marriage? Fine By Me" T-shirts are available for students who want to proudly and colorfully proclaim their support for LGBT equality.

The Fall 2009 campaign is part of a nationwide effort by Atticus Circle to call attention to two critical issues for the LGBT community - the need for same-sex marriage legislation in all 50 states, and the need to replace the U.S. Army's current "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy with guidelines allowing LGBT soldiers to serve their country without fear of discharge or discrimination.

"The T-shirt campaign is an easy, effective, and eye-catching way for college students to start the necessary dialogues about LGBT rights on their campuses," said Jodie Eldridge, executive director for Atticus Circle. "Since the program started, we've seen schools and school groups like the University of Texas Law School and Glenville State College GSA inspire LGBT equality supporters and launch the kinds of conversations that can change hearts and minds."

The shirts are available through Fine By Me, Inc. (, which is now a project of Atticus Circle. Fine By Me started in 2003 by Duke University students in response to a Princeton Review study claiming Duke was the least gay-friendly school in the nation. The project has since been adopted by a number of gay rights supporters in numerous schools and communities across the nation.

"The shirts are a simple and effective way to show just how many people - and how many different types of people, from all walks of life -- support LGBT equality," said Atticus Circle founder Anne Wynne. "Recent victories for gay marriage in Iowa, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire show there is momentum for LGBT rights, but there's still a long way to go to achieve equal rights for our LGBT brothers and sisters."

Wynne also noted that the campaign is part of a larger, nationwide effort of LGBT rights supporters urging political leaders to be expedient in doing the right thing.

"We see this as a crucial time for our political leaders to seize the day and take action," Wynne said. "To show that this is a priority, we need to make ourselves more visible and raise our voices. We hope our shirt campaign, involving college students, faculty and staff across the nation, will help LGBT supporters make our leaders aware of the need to stand up for equality now."

Shirts are available in 11 different colors with either slogan. The price per shirt depends on the size of the bulk order; more info on pricing is available at the website.

Atticus Circle educates and mobilizes fair-minded straight people to advance equal rights for LGBT partners, parents, and their children. To accomplish our goal, Atticus Circle will focus its efforts on education and policy development.

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