Burning the Recession by Firewalking

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Unemployed? Depressed? Feeling like you just can't get out of the rut? Get back on top by simply walking through fire.

I have been there.  It took me years before I got to the point where I finally said 'I CAN do this.'

It's no joke that people are getting burned by the economy but there are plenty of people smiling, laughing and walking on fire without a single worry about the recession.  Charles Horton is one of them. A self-made millionaire from a young age, motivates himself and others by literally walking on fire.

This is not your typical motivational event - people are barefoot walking on thousand degree embers - feeling no pain, no fear and no troubles.  Faithfully, Horton believes, these people are igniting their fire within to change their lives like Horton changed his.  Visually stunning and frightening, one by one dozens of people repeatedly walk over fire, broken glass or snap an arrow with their throat and don't feel a thing before returning to their lives with a strong and fresh attitude.

Horton and his crew of firewalkers are not alone, there are hundreds of people worldwide and their numbers are growing.  People are embracing walking on fire to tackle their fears and embrace empowerment. The Firewalking Institute of Research and Development changes people from all walks of life worldwide.  By teaching people to take risks, the institute and Horton demonstrates for its students how their thoughts impact everything in their lives.

Horton remembers one of his students "who was involved with drugs, stole money from mom, was a nightmare at school and continuously in trouble.  After fifteen minutes of a mini-seminar and a firewalk, his life changed instantly.  He got off drugs, quit the gangs and instead of stealing money from mom, he was contributing to the house."

Charles is from Dallas/Fort Worth and travels internationally with his creed of self-empowerment. Demonstrations are amazing to watch, compelling and truly inspiring, Horton explains that "I have been there.  It took me years before I got to the point where I finally said 'I CAN do this.'"  

Charles and The Firewalking Institute of Research and Eduction will be holding its "Rites of Passage" seminar December 11th-13th in Dallas, Texas.

In just three days, attendees will learn-

  • How to elicit your true power and break through any fears that may be preventing you from reaching the next level;
  • That you have the power to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles along life's journey;
  • How to hold yourself to a higher standard each and every day;
  • How to commit yourself to constant improvement in all areas of life, and more.

Charles can be contacted for demonstrations, photo opportunities, interviews or speaking opportunities internationally through Zazza Media Strategies about this practice or the upcoming "Rites of Passage" seminar.

Links - http://www.firewalking.com/testimonials.jsp and http://www.firewalking.com

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