NextGig Systems Expands Network Monitoring and Access Solutions with Network Critical Network TAPs

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NextGig Systems, Inc. announces the signing of a reseller agreement with Network Critical, the creator of the leading enterprise access technology solutions. With this new agreement, NextGig Systems can now provide customers with Gigabit, 10 Gigabit, Breakout, Aggregation and Bypass Network TAPs.

Advanced Network TAPs

Network Critical TAPs are a great fit for NextGig Systems

Westlake Village, CA August 20, 2009 -- NextGig Systems, Inc. announces the signing of a reseller agreement with Network Critical, the creator of the leading enterprise access technology solutions. With this new agreement, NextGig Systems can now provide customers with Gigabit, 10 Gigabit, Breakout, Aggregation and Bypass Network TAPs.

"Network Critical TAPs are a great fit for NextGig Systems," said Rob Esau, NextGig System's CEO. "Our customers are asking for products that will give them unparalleled access and visibility into their networks. Now with the addition of Network TAPs and our other products, NextGig Systems is able to provide a complete range of outstanding network access solutions."

NextGig Systems will carry the full range of Network Critical TAP products, which can meet nearly every TAP requirement. This complete line of Access Technology Solutions is different from traditional tapping technologies, because they make a copy of a network's traffic, isolate them from the live network and are able to provide a copy of all traffic passing through the network without introducing latency into it. This reduces network downtime while helping to ensure the network is fully compliant. The result is that all traffic is seen without impacting the flow of traffic on the live network.

All of Network Critical's TAPs are available for purchase from NextGig Systems. These products range from traditional Breakout TAPs, Aggregation & Regeneration TAPs to Virtually In-line (Bypass) TAPs that can be placed in-line on the network without introducing a point of failure. Also available is the Smart Network Access System, which is a flexible and fully featured TAP solution. It is available with a choice of chassis (Portable, 1U or 2U) as well as a selection of TAP modules with any combination of Copper, Fiber or SFP ports. Some of the features of the system include an aggregating backplane, a web interface for configuration and administration, filtering capabilities and SNMP alerts.

"Network Critical is excited to bring NextGig on board as an official reseller," said Chris Bihary, Managing Director of the Americas for Network Critical. "Their expertise in the field along with their range of product offerings make this a win-win situation for both companies."

Network TAPs Product Line Overview

Gigabit Network TAPs
The innovative Gigabit Network TAPs (Smart Network Access System) provides a complete solution for any network's accessing needs. Its unique, flexible, modular design makes it the only TAP access solution necessary for any size of network infrastructure. With its choice of three chassis and hot-swappable modules, the system can be arranged into endless configurations to fulfill most organization's requirements. The Smart Network Access System offers a choice of three different chassis solutions. The portable chassis, which holds one modular TAP, is perfect for in-the-field troubleshooting. For permanent data center access, the 1U and 2U chassis provide high-density solutions to fit into any datacenter.

Each chassis can house any of the SmartNA hot-swappable modular TAPs, each of which can be customized to suit a datacenter layout. With the options of Copper, Fiber or SFP cages, these fully-configurable modular TAPs will allow easy, controlled access to all network monitoring tools.

10 Gigabit Network TAPs
SmartNA 10 Gigabit Network TAP solution offers Filtering and Aggregating. The innovative SmartNA 10G Filtering and Aggregating TAP is different from any other TAP available on the market. With its exclusive filtering technology, this "Smart" TAP allows the capture of network traffic, ability to report statistics, filter it down and output data to a monitoring tool. The SmartNA 10G TAP comes equipped with a pair of 10 Gigabit TAP ports, two 10 Gigabit output ports and one Gigabit output port.

Breakout Network TAPs
These Breakout Network TAPs provide a safe and simple way to access live network traffic and provide copies to separate monitoring ports. In a full-duplex network link, a Breakout network TAP will passively copy the live traffic, separate it into RX and TX streams, and send a copy to two monitoring ports, one for each direction of traffic. This ensures a complete copy of network traffic for use with monitoring tools without the risk of packet loss.

The integrity of the live network is paramount. That's why Network Critical Breakout TAPs feature fail-safe technologies to preserve the flow of live traffic. LinkLock is featured on all 10/100 Copper TAPs and all Fiber Optic TAPs in our Breakout TAP range. LinkLock ensures that the live network traffic will never fail, even if the TAP suffers a power outage.

Breakout TAPs are available in a full range of network media and port densities to suit your deployment requirements. From portable units for strategic deployment into a single network to high density units for infrastructure deployment in the wiring cabinet, NextGig Systems has a solution that will fit seamlessly into any data center.

Aggregation and Regeneration TAPs
Aggregation and Regeneration TAPs collect live network traffic from several parts of the network with the ability to aggregate to a single monitoring port or take traffic and regenerate it to multiple tools. These tools will help direct traffic whether your network has a one-to-many, many-to-one or many-to-many configuration.

Aggregation Ethernet TAPs are available in a full range of network media and densities to suit many deployment requirements. There are portable units for strategic deployment into a single network or high density units for integration into large network infrastructures.

Network Bypass TAPs
By installing a Network Critical V-Line Network Bypass TAPs inline on the network, it can help remove the risk of critical networks going down. With the Link-Failure Propagation feature, the device will monitor network links as well. If a connected device fails, the TAP will immediately connect to the other live network port and the network will not go down.

Our V-Line Bypass TAPs also provide the ability to pass packets back onto the live network. When packet injection mode is on, the monitoring port becomes bi-directional. This allows the connected network tool to inject packets back on to the live network transparently. The received packets are then given high priority and are seamlessly switched with the live network traffic. V-Line Bypass TAPs are available in a full range of network media, port densities and configurations.

Network Critical TAPs offer smarter ways to access network infrastructures through dedicated chassis & module-based systems with features that support today's many different monitoring needs. By integrating flexibility into an enterprise-based system, Network TAPs offer the best of both worlds; reliability with the ability to make changes easily and economically.

About Network Critical
Network Critical, the creator of the leading enterprise access technology solutions, provides lab-certified, innovative, carrier-grade technology which allows complete access to network traffic for analysis, monitoring, security and auditing purposes. Our unique products provide flexibility and functionality for any network, whether large or small. Network Critical's portable and enterprise solutions provide 100% network visibility with zero packet loss 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Network Critical solutions have been tested, certified and utilized in Fortune 500 organizations and government agencies around the world. Network Critical is a global access technology solution provider with operations based in Buffalo, NY USA; Reading, Berkshire UK; and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

About NextGig Systems
NextGig Systems provides industry leading network connectivity, monitoring and test solutions for IT professionals. NextGig's technology specialists have expertise with product information, demonstrations and in-depth evaluations. Our mission is to help our customers achieve their goals by providing them with the technology advice and products they need. We strive to develop strong relationships with our customers by operating with the highest level of integrity while offering quality products and excellent service. For more detailed information, product configurations and pricing, please visit


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