Science and Consciousness

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In his new book, Science and Consciousness, scientist Robert Tabor examines cosmic significance of certain special events.

In "Science and Consciousness" by Robert Tabor diverse lines of scientific and other factual evidence is presented to advance the argument that various features of the cosmos including life forms and humans had not developed through a series of innumerable random accidents, but rather must hae been shaped during several billion years of evolution by a natural cosmic matrix to form preferred structures. Reference is made to the unbiquitous spiritual characteristicsof humans illustrated by many attributes which are difficult to rationalize as products only of biological evolution. It is offered that the natural development of the humanities in Eastern and Western cultures as well as its equivalent in isolated primitive ones, proferring no adaptive advantage, suggests it to result from an essential quality of nature.

A possible mechanism for the Big Bang is proposed where it is viewed as a reordering of nature rather than a formation from nothingness. Reference is made to an entropy mystery where evolutionary flow appears as a spontaneous process over time when entropy should increase. However, life forms are increasingly comples, or ordered, and indicate a decrease in entropy suggesting that it should be possible to develop a mathematical proof that evolution is not a result of random processes. Evidence for answering the question of whether consciousness is a product or must be part of the cause is examined. Discussed is the fact that the development of the human mind cannot be rationalized on the basis of adaptation alone. After Homo sapiens emerged from the "wild" and settled into sophisticated urban centers, Darwinian adaptation seemed no longer an operative process. Advancement of the mind, cognition, and consciousness would seem to be only able to advance further by some other mechanism than adaptation such as some kind of genotypic progression or self organization of genes or chromosomes themselves.

About the Author: Robert Tabor earned his undergraduate and doctoral degrees form Case Western Reserve University. His background as a research scientist formed the basis for his exploration into philosophy and metaphysics to develop new insights based on his observations and unique perspectives.

Publisher: Book Surge Publishing (, Inc), ISBN-13:0781439222379, 80 Pages, Price $ 9.98 - $ 15.00.

"Science and Consciousness" can be purchased from and other retail and wholesale outlets worldwide.


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