Anita Wheeler: Recreating Careers Via Her Unique Health & Wellness Business Model

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Saving Careers and Individual Health is a Combination that is Helping Anita Wheeler to Create History.

I have worked with entrepreneurs, real estate companies as well as executive coaching and sales organizations

The combination of health care issues and job options is a daily challenge for millions of Americans and for one creative Georgia entrepreneur, immediate solutions to those two challenging topics are available with a business concept destined to create history in the home based employment sector. "I can help individuals overcome both concerns via my customized multivitamin and supplement program built around a marketing program that will allow entrepreneurs the opportunity to create a lucrative residual income base," said Anita Wheeler. "If we have learned anything from the past year, we've learned that we need to look at more than one way to earn income!"

Anita Wheeler is a Georgia resident with a business background as an author, international speaker, life strategist and a trainer in the Law of Attraction and Power Flow. "I have worked with entrepreneurs, real estate companies as well as executive coaching and sales organizations," said Wheeler, "with a life long internal passion dedicated toward helping others changes their lives and tap into the hidden genius that is inside all of us and that passion is now in print as I have a book selling on called 'The Law of Attraction is NOT A SECRET'. That was a wonderful part of my life that included being one of the first women to own a commercial real estate company in Atlanta to teaching at the Art Institute of Atlanta to studying Internet Marketing. I was forced to look at new options and many hours of research brought me to the latest chapter in my life with my business model ( built around customized product offerings with a simple in-home test that pinpoints specific vitamins, minerals and vital nutrients needed for specific individual needs."

"An article in HEALTH CANADA outlined the effects of over planting, soil depletion and the effects of chemical fertilizers that have produced a 75% reduction in nutrients in commercially grown food in the USA and Canada in the last 70 years," said Wheeler, "and in today's world poisons and carcinogens are active in the air we breathe to the food we eat to the water we drink and the concept of using scientific testing to better understand this aspect of human health occurred in the late 1990's with a Nobel Prize awarded for research on the impact of vital metabolic functions within the immune, circulatory and nervous systems. The guesswork on the issue of needed personal supplementation has been totally eliminated as my program works in partnership with one of the world's foremost nutritional laboratories to analyze individual results from a simple in-home test to target specific vitamin, mineral and vital nutrients needed for maximum health potential with laboratory results pinpointing essential formulas with 50 pharmaceutical-grade nutrients with a whole food base combination of antioxidants, chelated minerals, phytonutrients and whole vitamin complexes that will create a life of superior health."

Anita Wheeler is very anxious to talk with all entrepreneurs and victims of the job market meltdown who are ready to make a commitment to building a long term successful business operation. "I told my daughter Ashley who owns an estate sale company in Atlanta that success is not given .... it is earned and that is a daily reminder I use for myself and team associates," said Wheeler, "but success will come quickly to those that are trainable on my system as well as coachable in understanding the proper mindset to becoming a successful home based entrepreneur. I have a menu of life changing products with a compensation payout plan to associates offering long term residual income and bonuses for team leadership as well as an automobile awards program of up to $700 per month on a lease or purchase option. Timing is the key to success in life and the timing to create a secure future for millions has arrived with my business model that will allow so many to tell their boss that 'You are fired!'"

Ms. Wheeler can be reached in her Georgia office @ 706-864-6736 or 404-219-1938


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