Zolitics, the World’s First Political Entertainment Network, to Launch this Fall

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Zolitics, the World’s First Political Entertainment Network, to Launch this Fall Network to unveil a variety of original programs, ranging from comedy to reality based shows.

I'm sure, just like the viewers, I will learn much on this important journey. And I can't wait to take Donna Brazille to a NASCAR race.

Countering the widely accepted belief that Democrats and Republicans in Washington could never come together in a common effort, the non-partisan Zolitics.com will be launched this fall as the world’s first network exclusively devoted to providing the entertaining side of politics.

Programming will begin airing this fall with a wide-ranging lineup that includes shows that are sometimes hilarious, sometimes irreverent, but always entertaining. The webisode series feature original scripted content, current events with a twist, and reality based shows unlike you have ever seen before. Zolitics.com will also afford viewers a rare glimpse at candid insights and even the on-air acting ability of some of America’s most high-profile political figures and political strategists.

Zolitics was created by some of the most well known names in the political consultancy world, including Republican Media Consultant John Brabender, Democratic Media Consultant Tad Devine, former White House Political Director and New Media expert Sara Taylor, and Republican Strategist Leslie Gromis Baker. (A full list of Zolitics partners appears at the end of this release.)

The following is a glimpse at some of the unique programming that will be available exclusively at Zolitics.com this fall.

Moving Numbers
Moving Numbers will let you follow the only U.S. Senate campaign in the country this year, in this 12 episode fictional dramedy about the often dysfunctional but never boring Sanders for U.S. Senate campaign. The series, set in Pennsylvania, will give viewers a real-world behind the scenes view of the struggles, challenges, and comedy that’s often associated with a high profile campaign for office.

Filming of Moving Numbers began in early May, and features a cast of talented actors from across the country who play the many characters one is likely to encounter in a real campaign, from the candidate and his wife to the “oppo guy.” A variety of real life figures will also appear in the episodes including über pollster Frank Luntz, Democratic Strategist Robert Shrum, and the Senior Editor of The Atlantic, Josh Green.

The Pittsburgh Tribune Review described Moving Numbers as “Primary Colors on Steroids.” To see a trailer for Moving Numbers, visit Zolitics.com.

So you think you can be a Washington White House Correspondent? Scoops will give everyday citizens from all over the world the opportunity to find out. Scoops is a reality-based show that has amateur journalists compete on real news stories.

Contest participants will be chosen from the many expected entries that submit a 120 second video on why they would make a great reporter. 25 finalists will then be selected to come to Washington and be interviewed by some of the most respected names in journalism. 12 participants will ultimately be chosen to compete over 12 weeks.

At the beginning of each show the participants will be handed a news assignment by a Washington journalist or a well-known public figure, including America’s first Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge. The show will follow the budding journalists on their quest and the ultimate firing of one at the end of each show until only one remains.

An official announcement regarding the Scoops competition will be released this fall.

My America
My America will let viewers see what happens when you take two people, a very outspoken “conservative,” and a very outspoken “liberal,” and allow them to introduce each other to their America. This very unusual social experiment will not only introduce us to the diversity that makes America great, it just may also become America’s favorite buddy story.

In the first episode, My America will co-star Fox News Contributor and former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum, and the highly respected Democratic strategist, author, professor and Political Analyst for CNN, Donna Brazille.

“I think My America will go a long way to help show viewers all we have in common as Americans, while tackling the issues that too often divide us. The entertainment value of Rick Santorum and I appearing together might give American Idol some concern about the ratings game.”
                                                            – Donna Brazille

“I’m sure, just like the viewers, I will learn much on this important journey. And I can’t wait to take Donna Brazille to a NASCAR race.”
                                                            – Rick Santorum

Look Who’s Coming to Dinner
Look Who’s Coming to Dinner is a joint production of Zolitics and Politics Magazine. Look Who’s Coming to Dinner will introduce viewers to some of the most famous dining locations in Washington, D.C., and allow them to eavesdrop on very candid conversations with some of Washington’s most important political figures.

The very first episode of Look Who’s Coming to Dinner will give viewers a very rare opportunity to watch a remarkably interesting conversation among a number of former White House Communications Directors, including Ari Fleisher and Mike McCurry. Other scheduled episodes include a dinner conversation with leading campaign opposition researchers, a dinner with a group of leading American futurists to discuss how technology will dramatically change the way the 2012 Presidential campaigns will be run, and an episode entitled “Political Rehab,” which will feature political figures who have fallen from grace, and now are making the climb back up.

Additional Zolitics programming will be announced soon, including When Consultants Go Good, a reality-based show that reveals exactly what happens when some of the most famous Democratic and Republican names in political consulting join forces in a common cause.

About the Creators of The Political Entertainment Network
The Political Entertainment Network has been created by some of the best known, bi-partisan names in political consulting. This includes the following:

John Brabender, Republican Media Consultant
John has won more awards for creative excellence than any other media consultant in the country. He has provided creative and producing services to some of the most high-profiled Republican candidates, including Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Governor Tom Ridge, Governor Linda Lingle, U.S. Senator Rick Santorum, U.S. Senator David Vitter, and many more. John is a frequent guest on national political shows.

Tad Devine, Democratic Media Consultant
Tad is one of the most respected Democratic media consultants in America, and has not only worked with many of the nation’s most high profile candidates, but has become one of the most sought after consultants internationally. Tad served as the lead consultant on the Gore for President Campaign.

Sara Taylor, Strategist and E-marketing Targeting Expert
Sara is best known as the youngest White House Political Director in history. Sara, a top strategist for President Bush’s 2000 and 2004 campaigns, is a frequent political analyst on a variety of national news channels.

Leslie Gromis Baker, Strategist
Leslie has served as a top strategist on some of the highest profile races in the country. She served as a Regional Chairman for the Bush 2004 re-election campaign, and was a top consultant to the McCain 2008 Presidential bid. Leslie is also a former special assistant in the White House Office of Political Affairs, and has provided governmental and political consulting for many national companies and organizations.

Julian Mulvey, Media Consultant
Julian is a highly respected Democratic media consultant with a reputation for creative political communication on television and online. A winner of 14 Pollie Awards and the Visionary Award from the D.C. Independent Film Festival, Julian is one of the most sought out Democratic media consultants in the country.

Mark Starcher, Internet Strategist
Mark is an expert in IT project management, web design and new media creation and management services. Mark is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Maryland-University College, School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Information Systems. His writings have appeared in international technical journals and Fortune Magazine and he has been a guest on Good Morning America.

Mike Mihalke, Film Producer
With over 15 years of experience in media development and advertising production, Mike has founded two successful media production and development companies. His recent film experience includes serving as producer and executive producer on a number of independent films.

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