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For a large percentage of the UK's population the current economic recession will be their first experience of financial and employment uncertainty, and with the guarantee that the situation will get worse before it gets better, the future can easily look black...

The capitalist economies of the world have not been under such pressure since the Great Depression of the 1930's, but due to the unprecedented action taken by western governments to invest billions of pounds in the banking systems, an economic catastrophe has hopefully been averted and the green shoots of growth, although small as yet, have begun to show.

The media and the government have been critical of the banking system for not providing sufficient loans or offering more freely available credit to aid this recovery. Indeed, terms and conditions currently available to borrowers are very unlike those seen a few years ago. However, good deals on loans, credit cards and insurance are out there, and it is the task of the potential borrower/purchaser to find them. In fact, if the applicant ticks all the right boxes on a credit rating check, then the options available are still numerous, and competition for their business is fierce.

With such competition, the Internet, and price comparison sites in particular, form an essential part of the armoury of the consumer. The most recent addition to this genre of websites is eComparison, which whilst benefiting from all the advantages of rival sites, also includes other features such as voucher and discount codes, as well as a team providing expert financial advice. A look around the easy to use website reveals all the available financial and insurance products within seconds, and has a page in each category giving the top 10 deals currently available, in terms of the advantages to the customer, with a summary of the most important conditions and interest rates. It is therefore simplicity itself to make a choice and to follow a link to gather more information, or to apply for the product, proving that the website is a valuable tool to save time and money.

Sometimes the bombardment of information given in credit card advertisements, particularly relating to details concerning balance transfers is bewildering, but the team at eComparison make sense of the babble and list the crucial points simply and clearly, giving the user the chance to list options by various criteria that are important to them and not the selling organisation.

Because of the independent principles exhibited by, and the belief that the consumer's best interest is paramount, faith in their selection of the top 10 deals is not misplaced. Should further investigation be necessary other pages on the website will undoubtedly satisfy any individual demand, whether it be in the selection of insurances, loans or credit facilities.

However, the advantages of using eComparison do not end there, as the site also operates a cashback scheme. This facility enables the customer to accrue credit in their cashback account when purchasing products via links on the website. At different times, the financial or insurance products will have various cashback offers associated with them, but the insurance sector is a fiercely competitive market and usually provides the most attractive bargains. For instance, by purchasing insurance through eComparison, AIG will currently give the customer £22.50 cashback for a car insurance policy completed online, and will guarantee that if you find a similar quote within 48 hours they will give you your money back. There is only one question to ask, why wouldn't you use eComparison?


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