Los Angeles Breast Reduction Surgeon Featured in Cosmetic Surgery Magazine

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The Stevens Laser Bra, a high-tech option in Los Angeles breast reduction, is gaining attention for more permanent, attractive results. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Stoker comments on his recent inclusion in Cosmetic Surgery Times' feature article on the Laser Bra procedure.

Prominent Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. David Stoker was recently featured in Cosmetic Surgery Times, a magazine focusing on some of the most innovative techniques in aesthetic medicine. In the article discussing laser-assisted breast enhancements, Dr. Stoker of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates highlights the Laser Bra (http://www.laserbra.com), a state-of-the-art approach to Los Angeles breast reduction that has already helped thousands of women enjoy long-term, attractive results from breast enhancements.

"In my experience, the Laser Bra offers distinct advantages over any other approach to breast reduction or breast lift," commented Dr. Stoker. "Because I partner with Dr. Grant Stevens, who advanced the Laser Bra technique, I've had the unique opportunity to see this procedure benefit many women. It's always exciting to help patients and other surgeons understand what it can really accomplish."

Dr. Stoker is highly regarded for his research and results in procedures such as liposuction and breast lifts in Southern California. He has worked closely with Dr. Stevens for a number of years and is one of a select group of surgeons in the United States to perform this technique, which utilizes the patient's excess breast skin to support the breast mound internally.

"Traditional techniques simply discard that skin," Dr. Stoker explains. "However, the incision sites in procedures like breast lift actually create a weakness in the tissue that is very difficult to address using traditional techniques. Instead of removing that tissue altogether, the Laser Bra allows us to use it as a structural advantage, and create much better results in the process."

This internal flap of skin creating additional support cannot be felt by the patient, but it helps maintain the breast tissue blood supply and reinforce the shape of the breast mound. As a result, the Laser Bra's "internal brassiere" encourages healing and allows the surgeon to preserve more of the patient's original breast tissues. It also helps to prevent "bottoming out" and other potential complications of breast reduction procedures for Beverly Hills and Los Angeles women.

"The laser allows me to prepare the pedicle so I can use more of the breast skin for that internal support," Dr. Stoker explains. "I've found that the laser approach is much more reliable and effective than scalpel methods. In the right hands, it can offer results that are aesthetically superior to what we can achieve with the standard techniques alone."

While Dr. Stevens and Dr. Stoker have trained a number of physicians in this technique through their practice's plastic surgery fellowship program, they note that not all breast reduction procedures offer the shorter recovery times and advanced aesthetic results associated with the Laser Bra.

"This technique is becoming very popular, but not all surgeons have received the training to know how to perform it properly," Dr. Stoker notes." Clinical studies have shown that this procedure doesn't pose abnormal risks for surgery, but patients always need to be on the lookout for a doctor who is properly trained in the procedure."

Dr. David Stoker (http://www.laserbra.com) is a board-certified plastic surgeon whose procedure focus includes liposuction and breast reduction. After graduating from Stanford with honors, Dr. Stoker earned his medical doctorate from the University of California at San Francisco. He has trained extensively, completing residencies in General and Plastic Surgery through New York University School of Medicine and refining his skills through years of experience as a plastic surgeon in Southern California. Dr. Stoker has been published in plastic surgery textbooks and leading medical journals, and has gained national recognition for his research in power-assisted liposuction.


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