Voxeo Announces Prophecy 10: The Unlocked Communications™ Platform

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Existing VoiceXML Applications Gain Short Messaging Service (SMS), Instant Messaging (IM), Comprehensive Analytics and Enhanced Performance Capabilities Without Modification

Analytics and Reporting for Phone-Based Self-Service.

Today at the SpeechTEK 2009 conference, Voxeo Corporation announced the early access release of Prophecy 10, its flagship Unlocked Communications platform. Prophecy 10 enables any enterprise or service provider to create and manage unified communications and self-service applications. Unlocked Communications results from Voxeo's focus on multiplying application value, assuring solution interoperability and destroying vendor lock-in. Prophecy 10 delivers the benefits of Unlocked Communications by:

Unlocking the neglected value of communications applications: Prophecy 10 maximizes return on voice application investments by seamlessly enabling multi-channel interactions. Prophecy 10 enables any VoiceXML IVR application to interact with users via voice-- and also via SMS, IM, Twitter, web chat and the mobile web. For example, a pre-existing VoiceXML-based order status application can now answer order status questions via SMS or IM with no modification whatsoever.

"Since 1999 Voxeo has enabled enterprises to reduce the cost and complexity of voice application delivery," said Jonathan Taylor, CEO of Voxeo. "By enabling multi-channel self-service with no additional development costs, Prophecy 10 can 'multiply the ROI' of any enterprise voice self-service investment."

Unlocking the true value of standards: Voxeo delivered the first VoiceXML, CCXML and SIP platform in 2001 and continues to maximize the value of these standards for customers. Prophecy 10 works with more VoIP solutions and services than any other platform. Prophecy's scalable SIP server foundation is compliant with over 30 Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) SIP standards. Prophecy works with SIP platforms and services from AT&T, Avaya, Cisco, Digium/Asterisk, Global Crossing, Nortel, Verizon and over 40 other companies. This foundation bridges diverse SIP services and devices, eases integration with IP-PBX and call center investments, and lowers the cost of connecting and transferring calls with direct IP connectivity.

Unlocking the expense of vendor lock-in: Vendors increasingly use proprietary features and application development tools to create a new era of IVR lock-in. Prophecy is the first and only platform to pass 100% of the VoiceXML Forum compliance test suite. Prophecy 10 features VoiceXML compatibility modes that make porting VoiceXML IVR applications as easy as changing a single Prophecy setting. Voxeo's VoiceObjects platform enables customers to build applications once and deploy them on over 30 different VoiceXML platforms. In combination these features enable Voxeo customers to choose the best vendor for their needs at any time, with no fear of vendor lock-in or incompatibility, and with the knowledge that they can easily move applications on to and off of Prophecy at any time.

Prophecy 10 also includes:

Comprehensive analytics: Prophecy 10 bundles the proven capabilities of VoiceObjects Analyzer, recipient of the highest scores in all categories of the Opus Research report on "Analytics and Reporting for Phone-Based Self-Service." Prophecy 10 delivers 15 built-in VoiceObjects Analyzer reports for any existing VoiceXML application. Enterprises can access 30 additional reports by adding analytics notations to existing VoiceXML applications. VoiceObjects Analyzer also integrates with business intelligence (BI) solutions from SAP BusinessObjects, IBM Cognos and Microstrategy.

"VoiceObjects Analyzer fits very well in the context of the Unlocked Communications Platform," according to Dan Miller, Sr. Analyst at Opus Research. "Deployment of communications applications in open environments cry out for flexible monitoring and reporting resources that recognize and log problems in real time and support rapid remediation."

Significant performance improvements: Prophecy 10 can run up to 100 concurrent calls on power-sipping Intel Atom based servers, and up to 500 calls on a typical Windows Linux, or Mac OS X server. Prophecy 10 is also the first fully 64-bit enabled VoiceXML and speech recognition platform. When run on a 64-bit OS, Prophecy 10 supports up to 2,000 concurrent calls on a single high-performance Intel Xeon server.

Reduced overhead: Prophecy 10 includes separate developer and deployment modes that significantly reduce the memory and CPU overhead of a Prophecy installation. Prophecy 10 Developer mode uses 50% less memory and CPU threads than Prophecy 9.

Intelligent transcription support: Unlike standard VoiceXML support for limited Automated Speech Recognition (ASR), Prophecy 10 uniquely includes support for intelligent speech transcription products and services from Nuance, PhoneTag, SpinVox, Yap, and Vlingo. This unique capability allows nearly any spoken dialog to be converted to text input, greatly widening the potential uses of speech-driven self-service.

Proven call control: Prophecy supports advanced call control via both the W3C CCXML and Java SIP Servlet standards. Prophecy 10's CCXML engine is the gold standard for XML-based call control. Prophecy's built-in SIP Servlet engine is fully Java JSR-289 compliant and can support over 20,000 concurrent SIP sessions per server.

Advanced enterprise and service provider multi-tenancy and virtualization: Platform resources can be logically separated, aggregated, or virtualized to partition customers or applications on a single server. Multiple servers and even multiple geographic installations can be combined to deliver extremely large multi-tenant systems. Prophecy's multi-tenant capabilities are used to power the worlds largest and most widely-used XML telephony hosting services.

Diverse speech recognition: Prophecy 10 includes free US English ASR and Text-To-Speech (TTS) engines and supports more than 30 additional language engines from Cepstral, IBM, Loquendo, LumenVox, Microsoft, Nuance and Telisma.

At SpeechTEK in New York City Voxeo will demonstrate a 2,000 port (phone line) Prophecy 10 cluster of 20 Acer Aspire netbooks. A netbook is a small, low-end notebook computer. The demonstration shows how a large voice, IM and SMS-enabled Prophecy system can be fully deployed with less than $8,000 in hardware and in less than half a day. Ten of the special edition netbooks will be given away during the show.

From a single developer notebook to a twenty netbook cluster of 2,000 ports, to Voxeo's world-wide, five data center, 72,000 port Prophecy On-Demand hosting service, Prophecy 10 delivers unmatched flexibility to scale voice, SMS, IM and mobile web communications solutions, large or small.

The early access release of Prophecy 10 is available immediately as a free on-premise software download and on-demand hosted service at http://www.voxeo.com/prophecy10

SpeechTEK attendees can learn more about Prophecy 10, register to win one of ten netbook computers, or see the twenty netbook demonstration platform by visiting Voxeo's booth #800 directly at the main exhibition entrance.

About Voxeo
Voxeo unlocks communications. We loathe the locks that make voice, SMS, instant messaging, Twitter, web chat, and mobile web unified communication and self-service applications difficult to create, manage, analyze, optimize and afford. Every day we work to unlock the neglected value of these communications solutions with open standards, disruptive innovation and a passion for problem solving-- fueled by a company-wide obsession with customer success. We do so for more than 100,000 developers, 45,000 companies and half of the Fortune 100 from our headquarters in Orlando, Beijing, Cologne, and London. Visit us or join our conversations on the web at http://www.voxeo.com, blogs.voxeo.com, or twitter.com/voxeo.


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