Susan Dorey's Journey to Find Relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Leads Her to Amazing Discoveries

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Recent articles on arthritis have suggested treatments ranging from exercise, herbs, and surgery to a life-time of prescription drugs. Susan Dorey's search to find treatment for her rheumatoid arthritis taught her many things and exposed her to findings she's compelled to share with others suffering from arthritis. That's why she started her website:

The MyPhield Pad has been an amazing tool, one that I am grateful I didn't pass over

Finding relief from the pain of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a journey that, for many, doesn't have a happy ending, unless your name is Susan Dorey.

RA is a chronic disorder that principally attacks the joints and can be a debilitating condition leading to substantial loss of function and mobility. While RA doesn't kill you, some say the pain can be so excruciating, you wish it did.

Susan Dorey was an active parent of two boys, coaching, participating in and attending almost all of their sports and activities. Entertaining and having parties for her boys and their friends seemed like a monthly routine. And then it happened - she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Susan's health declined rapidly and her lifestyle changed. Attending her boys' sports events became a thing of the past; unable to clean and entertain, parties were obsolete. What was once considered simple, such as turning on the ignition of the car, became almost impossible.

"My rheumatoid arthritis was so severe that I took antibiotics daily, Celebrex twice a day, weekly gold injections, Advil in the morning, and Tylenol for Arthritis," says Susan Dorey. "When the pain reached the point that I couldn't tolerate it anymore, I received cortisone shots to give my body and mind a break - I loved cortisone, it was the only thing that truly got me through a day without pain."

When Susan first discovered she had rheumatoid arthritis, her doctor advised her that the only way to ease her pain was through medication. But Susan refused to believe this, and instead chose to search for alternative treatments.

"I tried everything that sounded reasonable, and many things helped a little," says Susan. "Acupuncture helped to reduce the pain, sleeping with hand casts helped keep my fingers from bending away from the pain and becoming crooked, and professionally made orthotics made the pain in my feet bearable enough to walk on the entire foot. But these were only masking the situation, merely making life a little more liveable."

Susan's search was not in vain as it led her to some surprising discoveries. One of which was a nutritional product used by the people of Tonga containing 77 nutrients. After three months of taking this supplement, Susan's pain lessened to the point where she was able to stop taking prescription medication. As she continued to take the supplement, the pain and symptoms associated with RA disappeared.

However, several years later, after having been off medication, pain returned to Susan's foot - becoming worse over time - to the point where Susan was having difficulty walking. Once again, her life was being altered due to pain.

"If I stepped down on even a small step the pain was excruciating," says Susan. "I was able to walk, but barely."

Fortunately, she made another discovery - the MyPhield Therapy Cushion, a Class II medical device, licensed by Health Canada. After only one month she noticed a substantial reduction in pain and after five months, the muscles in the foot and ankle were able to support her weight, allowing her to go for long walks again.

"The MyPhield Pad has been an amazing tool, one that I am grateful I didn't pass over," says Dorey. "It doesn't work overnight like medication, but you can tell something is happening, and it's worth the effort - what little effort it takes to sit, or lay with this pad on the affected joint."

Due to discoveries such as MyPhield and other natural alternative treatments, Susan no longer requires prescription medicines. Her battle with RA and ultimate learning about alternative medicines (CAMs) inspired Susan to help others overcome RA naturally. She's devoted a website to sharing her knowledge with others,


Peter Turkington
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