Clinical Study Proves Alcoholism Cure Foundation Cures 96 Percent

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No Other Cure for Third Leading Cause of Death Potential to Save 25,000 Lives Every Year Major Government Deficit Reductions In Sight

Enjoy A Few Drinks Without Needing More

Clinical study proves Molecule Multiplicity ™ alcoholism treatment is the total and permanent cure for alcoholism, reports Dr. Doug Krotzer, JD, CEO. Many consider alcoholism the most important major cause of death for which there is no acceptable cure. Every year, it kills 25,000 Americans, costs more than $100 Billion, and causes millions of broken homes.

Molecule Multiplicity directly and permanently restores healthy brain chemistry. One dramatic proof is as brain chemistry is restored, members report drinking socially without needing more. Another proof is once they stop drinking there is very little backsliding during our 4 year history." enthuses Dr. Doug Krotzer, lead inventor of the technology. A third proof is MDs are copying Molecule Multiplicity.

Social drinking, "Enjoy A Few Drinks Without Needing More," is achieved for most by Alcoholism Cure Foundation. All other alcoholism "treatments" prohibit any drinking at all since willpower is so unsuccessful in overcoming bad brain chemistry. For example, Alcoholics Anonymous to which judges routinely sentence DUI offenders admits a 95% failure rate. Even those few so called "cures" are only good "One-Day-At-A-Time," not permanently.

Independent government authorities selected all the study subjects from among Alcoholism Cure Foundation members least likely to be cured. The study found substantial evidence all subjects were permanently cured. A much larger study is nearing completion.

The Foundation is soliciting MDs and judges to see for themselves. Judges, for instance, can experimentally sentence a few of their flood of DUI offenders to further clinical trials rather than traditional alcoholism cure treatments well known to be little better than doing nothing.    

Federal and State governments waste many billion dollars/year trying to stop drinking with $14,000 in expenses per conviction, jail, license suspensions and counseling. Such "treatments" do not stop drinking, and actually make the problems worse. "In this century, what disease other than alcoholism is treated with counseling and jail?" queries Dr. Doug,

One thousand medical journal studies aimed at producing a prescription drug to cure alcoholism concluded some nutraceuticals cure some alcoholism, but not with enough reliability. That research proves prescription drugs are only withdrawal aids, never cures, according to FDA.

Looking at those studies in a new way resulted in Molecule Multiplicity, the solution that works so amazingly well. Alcoholism Cure's patent pending technology combines needed molecules in customized amounts based on each abuser's unique brain needs.

Alcoholism Cure delivers safe customized technology to everyone, "Virtually Free"in the privacy of their own kitchen. Compare AA's required public declaration "I am an alcoholic," 95% failure rate and One-Day-At-A-Time results.            

Study results are available to researchers backed by the Foundation's offer that unless its major claims are fully supported by underlying independently verifiable data, the Foundation will pay the researcher $20,000.        


Dr Doug Krotzer, CEO


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