Premium Domain Name Goes on Sale September 1, 2009

Share Article will be offered for sale to the public beginning September 1, 2009. This name gives the buyer the opportunity to define itself as the definitive company in the septic system industry.

On September 1, 2009, the domain name will be offered for sale to the public. There are a wide variety of potential buyers, including companies that market wastewater treatment systems, septic tanks, septic additives, septic services, and companies that generate septic system leads. The domain will be sold in a 10-day auction that will end Thursday, September 10th.

What Value does a Premium Domain like Offer?

The name offers one company the exclusive opportunity to market itself with the defining term for the entire septic system industry. Usage of the name indicates that this company is a dominant force in the industry, the go-to company in the field. It's a great name for both an established company that wishes to demonstrate dominance in the industry, or a rising company that seeks growth and an increased market share.

In addition to defining itself at the center of the industry, the name provides instant recognition -- people looking for septic system information and products will instantly know what the website is about. The name is also easy-to-remember, and it passes the "phone" test -- you can tell someone the name over the phone or in a radio ad -- and they'll know how to type it into their web browser. You will also be able to configure your mail server to send email from the domain (ex:

Beyond these inherent benefits of owning, there are more technical benefits that accrue to a company building and promoting a website on this name.

First, end users trust websites with generic domain names, and they assume that the site is authoritative on the subject matter referenced in the domain name. Because end users like generic names, many search engine optimization experts believe that search engines like Google give a boost to websites whose names match the query that a user enters. So when someone enters terms that include "septic system" into Google, it would be easier for this site to rank high on the list of results.

Second, Madbury Web Development Ventures, the domain's current owner, has built a successful website on that helps people request septic services and answer questions relating to their septic system. The website is included in the sale (although ongoing hosting fees will be the responsibility of the new owner) and the new owner can use the site to market their products and services.

Finally, in addition to the domain name, the buyer will receive the following domain names:,, and

These notes on the value of premium domain names like are speculative, but they represent beliefs that are widely held among people that invest in domain names and that work to improve how websites rank in search engines. If you would like links to articles that explain these points in greater detail, please contact Chris Brooks below.

About Madbury Web Development Ventures, LLC is owned by Madbury Web Development Ventures, LLC which is headquartered in Durham, NH.

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