Olds Elevator Makes Industries Safer with a Unique and Revolutionary Take on Vertical Elevation Systems

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Olds Elevator in Hudson New Hampshire has introduced a vertical elevation system that offers industries safer and more effective material conveyance systems. Olds Elevator USA claims their system dramatically decreases the risk of explosions caused by dust clouds, a problem plaguing many industries requiring the movement of large amounts of materials.

There's always room for improvement, or so the saying goes, and the people at Olds Elevator would agree. Olds Elevator LLC, located in Hudson New Hampshire has, modernized the entire concept of bulk material elevation for materials such as grain, sugar, many powders and fertilizer. With their innovation, Olds Elevator stands to revolutionize not only the way vertical elevation systems are considered, but the company also proudly claims their product will make many industries much safer.

At the heart of the problem eventually solved with an Olds Elevator are "dust explosions". A dust explosion is the catastrophic end result of the ignition of a dust cloud, created by the mixture of dust from materials and air, often within a bucket elevator. As Olds Elevator spokesman Richard McIntosh explains, standard bucket elevators "are notorious for allowing the conditions for dust explosions to exist." As for an Olds Elevator, McIntosh adds "Since Olds elevators convey material in fully-flooded mode there is nowhere for dust to form. No dust, no dust explosion".

There are three things required for a dust explosion--fuel, oxygen, and a spark. According to McIntosh, "In a typical bucket elevator, you have 2 of those all the time, fuel (which is the dust) and oxygen." With a single spark caused by a foreign object or a bucket from the elevator falling off of its chain or belt, explosions can occur with catastrophic results.

Olds Elevator technology, a recent Australian invention, is a modernization of the screw conveyor concept developed by Archimedes over 2,000 years ago. Olds elevators operate by rotating a cylindrical casing around a static screw. Intakes at the base of the rotating casing draw material into the elevator where it is gently elevated in fully-flooded mode within the enclosed casing. This results in "the same vertical elevation of material as a bucket elevator" without the inherent safety hazards.

McIntosh and Olds Elevator are proud to help industries and companies across the country with efficient, dust-free, bulk material elevation. However, they are even more excited for the opportunity to help make businesses safer--eliminating the injury and loss of life caused by dust explosions.
Located in Hudson, New Hampshire, Olds Elevator LLC provides engineering design, elevator manufacturing, installation and service for a variety of industries. They recently installed their first Olds Elevator for use in the Sugar Industry in America, dramatically increasing safety and setting an important industry milestone.

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