Osteoporosis Alternative-Treatment Secrets Revealed: Bonexcin Generates Osteogenesis

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More doctors are telling their patients about a newer revelation in Osteoporosis treatment and prevention. The all-natural supplement, Bonexcin, is quickly becoming a staple for Osteoporosis sufferers because it has been scientifically proven to not only alleviate the associated symptoms, but to actually generate osteogenesis; the formation of new bone.

Osteoporosis is a disease that costs billions of dollars annually to treat and contributes to well over a million unnecessary bone fractures each year. While there are a variety of different medications that are prescribed to treat the symptoms, rarely do they actually help to rebuild bones and resolve low bone mineral density (BMD). But, a newer, all-natural cure for Osteoporosis called Bonexcin (developed by Vitaloix Labs--a leading nutraceutical company) is at the forefront of a burgeoning new trend that aims to alleviate Osteoporosis for sufferers. This supplement has been scientifically-proven to work, and more importantly, it actually can work to generate osteogenesis; the formation of new bone.

Patients who suffer from the throes of this debilitating disease typically start showing the first signs of it during their early 30s, and in some cases - such as many that are seen in younger athletes and those who are very physically active - the disease can show first signs in the early 20s. Medical experts unanimously agree that prevention is still the best method of treatment for Osteoporosis. And the proprietary ingredients that are found in the scientifically-proven complexes contained within Bonexcin work diligently to not only address the symptoms of this disease, but actually work to build new bones and strengthen weak bones and joints; essentially offering a dual-action means at treating Osteoporosis.

Brianne Stanfield, spokesperson for Vitaloix Labs, ascertains that the rising popularity of their natural cure for Osteoporosis, Bonexcin, is currently the number one doctor prescribed supplement for treatment for three distinct reasons.

"More doctors are telling their patients about Bonexcin because unlike any meds they can offer them, it does not require lengthy and intrusive bone tests or dangerous and potentially irradiating x-rays to monitor," states Stanfield.

"Additionally, Bonexcin has been scientifically-proven to generation osteogenesis, and help to form new bones, while at the same time working to naturally relieve pains and aches while providing the perfect amount of vitamins and minerals that work together to treat this disease and provide surefire relief," Stanfield explains.

Bonexcin is an all-natural supplement that is taken by mouth twice per day. The product contains scientifically proven ingredients that have been shown to generate osteogenesis; the formation of new bone.

Bonexcin works by using ingredient complexes such as Ipriflavone (alternative to estrogen replacement therapy for osteoporosis; generates osteogenesis, the formation of new bone), Calcium/Vitamin D (well-known bone-building supplement combination that prevents bone mass loss), Phosphorus (helps to keep bones healthy and strong) and Zinc (helps to prevent bone mass loss).

All-natural Bonexcin is able to help keep bones healthy and strong, and has been scientifically-proven to work.

Most people report noticeable signs of improvement within one to three months of daily usage.

Learn more about this breakthrough supplement by visiting: http://www.Bonexcin.com.

About Bonexcin:

  •     Developed by Vitaloix Labs--a leading nutraceutical company
  •     Rich with Ipriflavone: provides an alternative to estrogen replacement therapy for treating low bone density or osteoporosis; it helps to generate osteogenesis, the formation of new bone
  •     Fortified in Calcium/Vitamin D: taking calcium combined with vitamin D is effective in reducing bone mineral density loss. Calcium is known to be a bone-building mineral, and the advantages of taking it long term assist in reversing bone loss
  •     Provides Phosphorus: phosphorus is crucial in maintaining healthy bones, especially when combined with calcium supplements; both minerals are essential in building new bone mass
  •     Supplies Zinc: lower zinc intake and zinc serum levels are associated with lower Bone Mineral Density (BMD) in men and women; taking zinc in combination with copper, manganese, and calcium can slow bone loss in postmenopausal women
  •     100% safe, effective and all-natural
  •     Scientifically-Proven
  •     Visit them online for generous discounts off retail pricing and to learn more at: http://www.Bonexcin.com


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