Consumers Countering Deadly Belly Fat Fight With Dermacut

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A newer study from a respected university in Germany has concluded that men and women who have a larger waistline are four times as likely to suffer from a premature stroke or mini-stroke, possibly explaining the popularity of proven, over-the-counter fat-reduction creams like Dermacut.

A larger waistline may increase your risk of suffering from a premature stroke or mini-stroke, according to recent and in-depth medical studies. Indeed, belly fat can be deadly, as these new studies purport. While there are a wide variety of measures that can be taken to control fat, lower cholesterol and get back into shape, many consumers are realizing that their fitness regiments and attempts at regaining a healthy body are more easily achieved using over-the-counter and all-natural fat-reduction topical supplements like Dermacut (created by Oxygenix Research).

A recent medical study that was conducted at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, has definitively concluded that that those who suffer from obesity - particularly a large belly or waistline - are 30% more likely to suffer from a stroke or a mini-stroke, as opposed to those who have an average and healthy BMI (body mass index).

The study included more than 1100 patients, of which more than 370 were stroke-prone - or had already suffered from a stroke or a mini-stroke - including a controlled group of more than 730 patients.

The shocking findings revealed that those who have a waistline measuring more than 40 inches for men, and more than 35 inches for women are four times more likely to suffer from a stroke or a mini-stroke than others who have a healthy waistline.

In an August, 2009 news releases regarding the study, the leading author, Tobias Back, MD, at Saxon Hospital Arnsdorf, stated, "While gaining too much weight can present health risks, it's even more dangerous to have the abdominal type of obesity. People should measure their waistline from time to time and avoid the accumulation of abdominal fat."

Oxygenix Research spokesperson, Katie Westfield, agrees that the findings of this new waistline study, and it's linking to vastly increased risk of stroke, has been long in coming.

"The medical community as a whole has always agreed that obesity and a high BMI are linked to increased risk of heart disease and stroke," Westfield says. "However, these new findings provide concrete evidence that a larger waistline in both men and women are conclusively linked to a huge increased risk of suffering from a stroke prematurely."

The high popularity of Oxygenix Research's fat-cutting topical cream, Dermacut, as it relates to better overall health, is tantamount to this study, according to Westfield.

"The facts are in: a larger waistline increases your risk of stroke," Westfield states. "This is one of the many reasons why Dermacut is so popular. It cuts tummy fat safely, naturally and quickly, and prevents the reformation of fat cells."

Dermacut fat-reduction topical supplement utilizes the power of scientifically-proven ingredient complexes to burn excess fats quickly.

Dermacut is rich in Adiposlim, which has been proven to safely shrink fat cells, allowing them to fit back inside the matrix of the skin so they can be broken down and eliminated.

The product also contains Adipoless, which inhibits the newly shrunken fat cell (from Adiposlim) from expanding back to its previous state, not allowing fat cells to reform as stomach fat.

Dermacut is an easily applied topical cream that can be used one or two times per day, showing phenomenal results when applied prior to working out.

It has been shown to provide noticeable results within the first few months of daily application, when combined with daily exercise and healthy, balanced eating habits.

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About Dermacut:

  • Developed by Oxygenix Research--a leading cosmeceutical company
  • Patented formulation penetrates deep into the outer layers of the skin, enhancing mobilization of fat cells while you workout
  • The scientific approach allows you to get rid of fat that the body won't eliminate on its own
  • Contains active ingredient Adiposlim--a revolutionary ingredient that has been proven in lab testing to significantly improve the appearance of fat by actually shrinking the fat cells; once Adiposlim has shrunk the fat cell, it can fit back inside the skin matrix system and break down the fat cells
  • Contains active ingredient Adipoless--a breakthrough and proven complex that inhibits the new shrunken fat cell from reforming into its old, pointy self; this means that Dermacut will actually help shrink down your fat cells and keep them from reforming back into stomach fat
  • 100% safe, effective & all-natural
  • Causes no known adverse side effects
  • Available over-the-counter
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