Playnet, Inc. Announces Upgrade to its Proprietary UNITY 3D MMO Game Engine

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Playnet, Inc. Announces Upgrade to its Proprietary UNITY 3D MMO Game Engine, Advancing Graphics and Game Play for WWII ONLINE: BATTLEGROUND EUROPE, Delivering New Features and Technologies to MMO Game Application Suite.

Playnet Inc. today announced version 1.5 of its proprietary UNITY 3D game engine providing new features and integrating new technology for its MMO, WWII ONLINE: BATTLEGROUND EUROPE (

The UNITY 3D game engine delivers a unique set of features for MMO design, allowing for play in huge, zoneless worlds with thousands of simultaneous players interacting in a variety of environments. The foundation of the engine includes advanced physics, component-based damage and military-grade ballistics. UNITY 3D has been utilized to produce a one-of-a-kind massively multiplayer experience in WWII ONLINE: BATTLEGROUND EUROPE, a combined-arms action/simulation game. It allows players to fight on the ground as infantry, command and crew vehicles such as tanks, fighters and bombers entirely in first-person featuring British, French and German forces.

Version 1.5 of the UNITY 3D game engine adds several key features including;

  •     New object instancing for improved efficiency in loading and display of huge game world and object libraries
  •     Shader 3.0 support for upgraded performance and effects
  •     Upgraded Normal and Specular Mapping for enhanced object visuals
  •     SpeedTree 4.2 Support
  •     ODE physics support for rag-doll style character animations
  •     Added support for OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL)

The UNITY 3D game engine powers the latest major upgrade to the massively multiplayer online game, WWII ONLINE: BATTLEGROUND EUROPE. Version 1.31, currently in Beta testing, will include updated graphics, effects, terrain objects and game play. Screenshots available at .

  •     1,000,000+ trees updated with new models, textures, normals and shadows
  •     Rag doll physics applied to infantry animations
  •     Many new special effects including muzzle flashes, hit effects and explosions
  •     Tree and object shadows
  •     Real-time water reflections
  •     New clutter system and objects adding thousands of grass fields and bushes
  •     New radial clutter system
  •     Dynamic Weather with new clouds/rain/sky/fog/lighting settings
  •     Thousands of new and updated terrain objects such as buildings, installations and cultural objects

About Playnet Inc:
Playnet, a Texas-based company, specializes in design and development of the full range of 3D technologies and development tools required to build as well as operate its own and 3rd-party massively multi-player online games (MMOGs) as part of an Internet-based, international subscription service. Playnet's proprietary technologies include the patent-pending UNITY 3D MMO game engine.

SpeedTree is a trademark of IDV Inc. in the United States and other countries. Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) is copyright Russell L. Smith. Playnet™, World War II Online™, WWII Online™, Cornered Rat Software®, UNITY 3D® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Playnet Incorporated.


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