God's Personal Strategy: a Roadmap that Leads to Spiritual Re-awakening

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We all need someone - or something - to guide us in life. We certainly need a physical compass - maybe a Global Positioning Systems device in our cars to get us from Point A to Point B.

And maybe we need a GPS system as our moral and religious compass as well, something to get us from Point A to Point B in our spiritual life. Maybe we need something such as God's Personal Strategy, a new publication from the pen of Dale W. Pilgrim, a minister/pastor of long standing with the Salvation Army in the province of Ontario.

The full title of Pilgrim's new publication is God's Personal Strategy - Being Church, Living on Purpose. The book is a thoughtful reflection of Pilgrim's own journey through his own sense of spirituality - and it's a reflection, too, of the multitude of challenges facing the Christian church in an increasingly multi-cultural society.

Pilgrim's book has two audiences: The first is the concerned, interested Christian reader, who might simply wonder and worry about the Church's place in today's society and what the future might hold. For such readers, God's Personal Strategy will be an easy, thoughtful read.

The second is the Christian spiritual leader - pastors, priests, ministers etc. - who are charged not only with the responsibility of adapting their mission in the face of significant societal change, but also with keeping their congregations active, healthy and involved in the spreading of God's word. In God's Personal Strategy, Pilgrim offers a series of workshop-styled suggestions that congregation leaders will find of significant value.

At the heart of God's Personal Strategy - Being Church, Living on Purpose is Pilgrim's contention that the Church itself has been a follower, rather than a leader, as society has changed all around it. Christian congregations and church-goers are confused by the rapid pace of change - and Pilgrim maintains that the Church itself has become a part of the problem. He suggests that rather than acting as an agent of constructive change, it has acted to maintain an impossible, undesirable status quo.

In the end, God's Personal Strategy leaves the reader satisfied and fulfilled, but also in a questioning state of mind. The author himself presents the key issue early in the book when he writes: "The problem is the Church's struggle to be relevant - and its failure to understand how to be relevant."

In God's Personal Strategy, Pilgrim is clear, concise and thoughtful in his analysis of the challenges that lie ahead for the Church. But he acknowledges, just as clearly, that there are more difficult questions to be asked - and that the answers may not come readily.

God's Personal Strategy: Being Church - Living on Purpose
by Dale W. Pilgrim
ISBN: 9780981266206


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