Release the Effects of Any Trauma or Abuse Without Having to Talk About it

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Reference Point Therapy Offers Relief from Emotional and Physical Abuse Without Years of Treatment. This Powerful New Method's Quick Results Are Available in Both One-Time Sessions and Group Classes.

Athena Murphy gets directly to the source of the issue. "People living with the effects of abuse and trauma have already been through enough. I'm not going to make them talk about it during the treatment because it's no longer necessary with Reference Point Therapy. I want them to be free of the trauma and the wreckage in their lives now, and for good."

Reference Point Therapy is a brand new modality created by Australians Simon and Evette Rose. "Simon and Evette are brilliant. They've introduced something simple and astonishingly effective to the marketplace. In fifteen years of private practice coaching and healing clients, I've never encountered the speed and results of Reference Point Therapy."

Unlike traditional psychotherapy, Reference Point Therapy completely clears an issue in one or two sessions. "Even if Simon and Evette were the only people able to achieve these kind of results, RPT would still stand as an incredible modality. But it can be taught to anyone. I watched them teach 35 other people to produce the same level of effectiveness. RPT's results are astonishing, yet predictable and repeatable. Anyone can learn this for themselves. It's that simple a technique."

Because Reference Point Therapy clears issues so fast, it's the perfect antidote to expensive long-term psychotherapy. The Los Angeles Times recently noted that "fewer patients have access to long-term supportive psychotherapy" because many health insurance plans authorize a limited number of sessions. That means the cost to the client can be over $4000 out-of-pocket per year to treat a persistent issue.

The Journal of the American Medical Association reports "provision of psychotherapy by psychiatrists in the United States is declining significantly…. this trend appears to be strongly related to financial incentives and other pressures to minimize costs," even though JAMA reported long-term psychotherapy is "significantly superior to shorter-term methods of psychotherapy with regard to overall outcome."

Reference Point Therapy eliminates the need for long-term counseling by clearing an issue in as little as one session. "During my first weekend studying with Simon and Evette, twice I had separate issues that plagued me since childhood clear completely in thirty seconds once my partner and I got to the bottom of it. I have had no reoccurrence of them, and my attitudes about these issue have completely shifted. There are no traces of the old problems in my daily experiences."

Murphy conducts both individual treatment sessions and classes of the work throughout the US. "I'm most excited to teach the work right now to relieve the really heavy emotions of the current economy. So much emotional baggage can be released from just one RPT session. Imagine the impact that can make for business owners and consumers dealing with feelings of overwhelm from their current financial situation."

The Reference Point Therapy Levels 1 and 2 are available in select US cities during September. "I am teaching a Level 1 course here in Anaheim, CA September 12 and 13, 2009." There are also courses currently available in Orlando, Salt Lake City, Missoula, Montana, Chicago and Los Angeles. "Look for a rapid expansion of course locations over the next two months."

About Reference Point Therapy with Athena Murphy:

Backed by years of research and established science, Reference Point Therapy combines the best of many different methods into a single supercharged modality with ease and incredible results. For more information about Reference Point Therapy September classes, and sessions, visit


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