WellWorld Science Introduces Livea, a Safe and Natural Appetite Control Supplement

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Advanced aid in weight loss without caffeine, fat blockers, fiber or other stimulants Livea was developed by gastroenterologist Dr. Joseph Fayad to fight against the overweight and obesity condition in the millions of Americans suffering from the epidemic.

After tireless research and an extensive open-label weight loss study, WellWorld Science introduces Livea, a doctor-developed, non-prescription patent pending appetite control supplement that does not contain stimulants, fat blockers, artificial sweeteners, fiber or any other synthetic ingredients typically found in leading weight loss and appetite control products. Livea contains a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that work together to promote safe, healthy, and consistent weight loss without subjecting the consumer to side effects, a strict diet regimen, extreme calorie counting, or ingesting stimulants or harmful ingredients. Taken once a day, Livea is designed to help the millions of adults in the United States considered overweight and/or obese by virtue of helping to solve two major issues regarding weight loss and weight management: portion control and cutting food cravings.

The formation of WellWorld Science and the creation of its anchor product, Livea, results from the work of Doctor Joseph Fayad over the course of 30 years. The recent advancements in technology have enabled WellWorld Science to verify the efficacy and safety of Dr. Fayad's theories. Dr. Fayad is a nationally recognized and highly respected gastroenterologist and endocrinologist whose passion has been the study of obesity and the overweight condition. Dr. Fayad attended medical school at the University of Rome and completed an internship at the University of New York - Buffalo, where he studied Endocrinology and Gastrointestinal hormone development, resulting in a Gastroenterology fellowship and Certificate in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. How Livea works in the body is considered by several leading doctors as breakthrough "new science" with the result being the first all-natural and possibly the most advanced appetite control product developed to fight against the overweight condition in the millions of adults.

"Livea works on the principle of affecting portion control," stated Dr. Fayad. "In order to lose weight naturally, a person must burn more calories than are consumed and Livea safely and effectively enhances a person's ability to consume less calories."

"You will feel less hungry throughout the day when taking Livea because it naturally activates 'appetite peptides' that transmit fullness signals to help you stop eating. You will not feel jittery or stimulated because Livea does not contain caffeine, hoodia, green tea or any other stimulant, and you will not have to experience those embarrassing oily discharges associated with fat blocker products. Livea will simply empower you to control your food portions, reduce your hunger desires, and ultimately aid your weight loss in a safe, non-addictive manner," added Dr. Fayad.

In an independent, open-label weight loss study, men and women reported weight loss of between 18 and up to 59 pounds with no adverse side effects. Safe, consistent weight loss on Livea continues to be achieved by these subjects.

Livea works by significantly elevating the body's 'appetite peptides'. The appetite peptides are related to satiety (fullness). The graph at http://www.livea.com/features/?entry=13 shows the 'Livea Effect' on one of the body's 'appetite peptides,' glp1. Livea stimulates glp1 and the other appetite peptides longer and more intensely than eating a regular meal, thereby controlling the appetite and restricting the desire to overeat.

Livea, manufactured in the USA, is now available online at http://www.Livea.com and in select doctor's offices and clinic outlets. To learn more about Livea, visit http://www.Livea.com.

About Wellworld Science
WellWorld Science develops and distributes a series of non-pharmaceutical/nutraceutical products specifically targeted to improve consumers' general health, wellness, and well being. The Company's products, in general, target the ever-expanding global epidemic of the overweight condition and obesity. The Company's cornerstone product, Livea, is a patent-pending appetite control product that has mass appeal to the millions of adults in the United States considered overweight or obese by virtue of solving the issue of portion control and the feeling of satiety.

Livea was developed and is distributed by WellWorld Science. LiveaTM and WellWorld ScienceTM are trademarks of WellWorld Science. ©2009 WellWorld Science. All rights reserved. FDA WARNING: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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