FOREX TRADING Changed Irrevocably with the Rapid Growth of the Internet

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InvestTechFX's representative commented on the changing face of investing, and explained InvestTechFX's strategy in the evolving web-based trading industry.

InvestTechFX the leading 1 PIP Forex Corp. offering MetaTrader4's representative commented on the effect the Internet has had on the investing industry, and the significant changes still to come as a result of a progressively more automated trading environment. InvestTechFX's representative noted that the increasing availability of high-speed internet connections, coupled with the falling price of computers, has opened up many types of investing, particularly Forex currencies, to millions of private retail traders with minimal initial capital. Markets that were once closed to all but the wealthy and connected elite have exploded in popularity, largely thanks to the more efficient, end-user oriented infrastructure of web-based brokers and clearing networks. Daily Forex trading and scalping is becoming more and more feasible thanks to speedy electronic trade clearing and execution, coupled with a new array of software designed and written specifically to make unemotional, statistically-sound trading decisions. Since online communication is fundamentally more efficient and requires less third-party involvement, brokers and market makers can reduce commissions and allow a wider spectrum to participate in trading.

InvestTechFX the leading 1 PIP, no-commission Forex Corps representative noted that competitive brokers and clearing providers will have to adapt to the growing number of traders targeting small to moderate profits. Demand will likely force the industry to further pursue truly instant trade execution and offer more low-cost Mini account options, however there will always be a significant market segment devoted to professional traders that focus on larger market trends. InvestTechFX's representative explained that these traders are often less concerned with split-second execution and commissions and more worried about the security and reliability of the brokers and clearing networks to which they must entrust thousands and sometimes millions of dollars. Brokers that can insure large sums and provide personalized service will continue to have a place in the industry as premium providers, though the overall percentage of companies will likely devote a majority of their services toward the needs of middle income, part-time traders, most of whom have unrelated full-time jobs outside of the trading sphere.

InvestTechFX the leading 1 PIP Forex Corp offering accounts from $100 commented that the internet has brought real-time charting information and trade execution directly to the actual investor, reflecting the overall end-user oriented direction of web-based business. As a No Dealing Desk online broker, InvestTechFX has focused on automation, efficiency, superior software, and electronic money-transfer account funding and withdraw capability. The streamlined communication process has allowed InvestTechFX to impose rock-bottom spreads (an unprecedented 1 PIP fixed spread on 6 majors).

InvestTechFX the leading Forex Corp. offering Mini(.1 lots) and Micro(.01 lots) accounts commented on the high level of cooperative power seen in the online Forex community, reflected largely in the high participation in online Forex-themed forums, blogs, and educational websites. A major element of trading online is participating in a new online community. A flourishing online subculture has evolved around the highly liquid and unregulated Forex market. Advice, second opinions, and entire conversations on nearly any conceivable aspect of Forex trading are available online, completely for free, for anyone to participate in and learn from.    

InvestTechFX the leading 1 PIP Forex Corp offering MetaTrader4's industry expert noted that there are potential negative side effects in a totally online market, including the risk of scam and embezzlement that goes hand in hand with an anonymous environment such as the internet. Even a diligent trader may find erroneous information through the internet, and traders should bare in mind that many of the "facts" available online are actually speculative opinions, and can often be posted and uploaded by anyone, with any level of expertise and experience in the online Forex market. InvestTechFX always encourages traders to stay as informed as possible in regard to their broker's policies and their personal rights as investors. InvestTechFX offers free Forex education, as well as a free demo account that functions with genuine market data. InvestTechFX's representative reminded potential traders and investors that the decision to deposit funds and risk them in volatile markets lies with the individual, and stressed the importance of self-discipline in regard to risk management. Potential for profit always increases in relation to potential for loss, however traders can greatly improve their chances for success through conservative profit goals and education.                    

InvestTechFX is a No Dealing Desk Forex Broker and Software Solutions Corp offering a one PIP fixed spread on 6 major currency pairs, along with a comprehensive account groups system including expert advisor (robot), interest free, Mini, and VIP trading accounts. InvestTechFX never changes commission and has no interest or influence over the positions of its customers.


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