"Virtual Convention" for Inventors Now on the Web

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New website gives inventors the opportunity to promote their invention to the manufacturers and the public everyday of the year.

convention is over or for those inventors who could not attend. The goal of inventionpark.com is to provide a win-win situation for everyone...the manufacturer, the inventor, and the public with a product they want.

Inventors now have a place on the web to market their invention 24/7/365. Welcome to inventionpark.com, a new "virtual convention" website featuring all inventors whose inventions are not on the market for public purchase.

Inventionpark.com, the creation of former inventor Rhonda Burton, is designed to mimic a "real" inventors convention. The public can make a comment or ask a question about the invention and the inventor has the capability to respond. In addition, manufacturers and marketing companies are able to access the website at any time to review the inventions and contact inventors.

Rhonda thought of the idea of the website after attending the INPEX Convention in Pittsburgh, PA in 2006 promoting her invention, the Write and Correct Pen. "I was very impressed with the positive response the pen had received from the public and some businesses that wanted to use it as a promotional item; however, I was unable to obtain a manufacturer. After attending the convention, promoting the pen became difficult; however, I was fortunate enough to have an article written about my pen in the local paper, The Oakland Press, on June 27, 2006. After the article had ran, it ended my publicity with the pen. Once again, I was just one person attempting to contact manufacturers throughout the United States and trying to keep the public interested in my pen at the same time."

Rhonda indicated after spending two years striving to get her pen on the market, she thought there must be other inventors who are in the same predicament. At this time, she decided to develop a website that would offer 24-hour promotion of the inventions.

"Featuring the inventions on a 24-hour basis allows the public and the the manufacturers to view them at their leisure and keep the interest going for the invention. This can be a very important key for the inventor, because the manufacturer and the public will have time to fully evaluate the invention. Also, another feature that can help the inventor and the manufacturer is public response.    As I found showing my invention at INPEX, the public is very vocal on whether they like the idea or not. This can be a valuable resource for the manufacturers, as the manufacturer can review the opinions and questions by the public and the inventor's responses to them." Rhonda said.

Rhonda stated she will be starting podcasts in the middle of October for any inventor who would like to be featured, so the audience can hear the inventors in their own words talk about their inventions. In addition, inventors will have the option of being featured on youtube.com which will begin by November.

Along with the Adult Inventors, Rhonda stated there is an area on the website that features Kid Inventors, Robotics Teams, Camp Invention and Science Fair Participants. "Most of the Robotics Teams on Inventionpark.com have their own website, but this website gives them another way to promote themselves. Also, I hope this website can be used as a tool for teachers to encourage kids to become more enthusiastic in science and development."

Inventionpark.com also provides information for Inventor Conventions, Inventor Contests and other resources that pertain to helping the inventor get his invention to market. For the individuals who are considering designing an invention, there are links to patent searches and law firms.

As Rhonda stated, "this website is not to replace a "real" convention where the public and manufacturers can see the invention in person. I certainly encourage every Inventor to attend the conventions. The website is a continuation for the Inventors when the "real" convention is over or for those inventors who could not attend. The goal of inventionpark.com is to provide a win-win situation for everyone...the manufacturer, the inventor, and the public with a product they want."

For more information regarding this website, please visit http://www.inventionpark.com


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