FCAT Steals High School Diplomas; Students Transfer Credits to Maine, Receive Standard High School Diploma without FCAT

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A Maine high school is helping hundreds of Florida students bypass the FCAT because Maine requires no exit exams. No exit exams such as FCAT tests are required in 25 states. To receive a high school diploma in the other 25 states, including Florida, a passing scores on the FCAT exit exam is required to receive a high school diploma.

Passing the FCAT is required to earn a Florida diploma. Fail the FCAT, no diploma. Twenty-five states require passing an exit exam to earn a high school diploma. In the other 25 states, students receive their diploma by earning the credits required. Earn the credits, get the diploma. Florida's FCAT refugees turn to Maine for help. In Maine, simply earn the credits and the diploma is awarded.

Students who transfer their high school credits to Maine can earn their diploma without passing any exit exam. Withholding the high school diploma from a student will cost that student $280,000 on average, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Students who have a high school diploma earn $280,000 more in their work-life than those who have no diploma. Now students can transfer high school credits to North Atlantic Regional High School (http://www.NARHS.org) in Lewiston, Maine, where there is no FCAT exit exam. Hundreds of students and adults affected by the FCAT have received their diplomas from this accredited, state-authorized high school. No trips to Maine, keep Florida residency, and earn the standard high school diploma, not a special diploma, not a certificate, and not a GED.

NARHS, Lewiston, Maine, requires 17-1/2 credits to graduate. Most high schoolers in Florida will have earned 19 or more credits when they fail the FCAT. These Florida students could qualify for a standard diploma in Maine.

One little-known secret is that students who earn their credits, own their high school credits. Stated another way, the high school does not own student credits, the student owns the credits. Students can transfer their credits to any school that will accept them. North Atlantic Regional High School, incorporated in 1989, welcomes transfers. Currently, NARHS has 2,200 students from across the US, 600 from Florida. FCAT exit exam

To bypass the FCAT requires five steps. 1. The student gets a copy of his or her high school transcript from their most recent high school and mails it to the North Atlantic Regional High School in Maine. 2. NARHS does a free transcript evaluation and sends a written report back to the student. The report reveals exactly how close the student is to earning his or her diploma with the high school credits they already have.    3. When the student wants to transfer credits to NARHS, then he or she registers for the graduation year and pays only the one year tuition, $525. 4. If more credits are needed, the student has many options He or she may stay in their local high school or earn the needed credits from other sources, including community college courses, online high school courses, online college courses, adult ed courses, and other private school courses. Even homeschoolers have these options. 5. Once all 17-1/2 credits are finished, a Standard Diploma is earned from Maine. No additional fees are necessary. NARHS offers the 4-minute DVD at http://www.narhs.org/node/view/218at.


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