Is the Wonderful Saint Titan Artist & Filmmaker the 21st Century Pablo Picasso?

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"Saint Titan paintings are varied and explosive, brilliant and technical and they have just slightly less impact upon me than when I saw Picasso's "Les demoiselles d'avignon" for the first time. Which is a great compliment to the artist Saint Titan. As I was not desensitized and a small child that had seen nothing of art when I first saw a Picasso unlike the occasion when I first saw the images of Titan".

For his first showcase in London The Wonderful Saint Titan artist [03.01.1991] is working on 3 exhibitions. Unusual. Never been done before. Financially silly or brilliantly smart or just the necessary arrangement for a creative genius? "I'd like to think the art buyer could approach the purchase of brilliant 21st century art like Pick and Mix. He or she will go for a sweet egg or a fizzy cola bottle and come out with something far superior and brilliant than that of a Bacon or Dali or Picasso. Whilst this idea of 3 exhibitions in one world, one space at the same time has not been fully completed by the artist yet it is exciting to think that you can enter a world of imagination and fantasy and unlike a movie or video game buy and therefore take away a compelling part of that world.

"To me a full stop in a world of white can be art. You just have to look with different eyes than everybody else or not have conventional eyes at all. That full stop, to me Saint Titan can be so many things on both a microcosmic or macro level. To JK Rowling it must be a marker a beginning and an end to a line of 21st century literary brilliance. To Yayoi Kusama it must equate to multiplication and madness. To Saint Titan it is everything and within a world of nothing. It is both the 0 and the 1 and therefore that full stop is infinite." Saint Titan, June, 2009

The Wonderful Saint Titan will create great sculptures to exceed the sublime qualities of the art or Richard Serra for his "Erection" series. Erection the third of the 3 planned exhibitions will consist of sculptures based on the shape of the human phallus and totem pole design. These pieces will be true works of art with almost no commercial appeal. Incredibly large and cumbersome they most probably will exist in public galleries. "MONSTER" and "uGly" however are made up of wonderful and inventive drawings and paintings and have an intentional commercial potential. "I want people to be able to purchase great art of the 21st century. I feel lucky that I had the opportunity to discover the work of Picasso, Francis Bacon and Salvador Dali. If it were not for my great intentions and art then what a bland time those in the 22nd century will all have."

Saint Titan also has his highly focused eyes on the the film and video game industries. Titan who considers the filmmaker James Cameron a hero and inspiration is currently working on his surrealist series of live action and animation films known as "NOSTALGIA". The Nostalgia films will be a grand series of artistic works that encompass what Saint Titan has learnt and been inspired by from the incredible movies of Hayao Miyazaki and Alejandro Jodorowsky pre-production work on "Dune".

The Wonderful Saint Titan has been inspired by many great artists including the art of Francis Bacon and the visceralist of cinema Paul Verhoeven in particular the 1987 classic Robocop which Titan considers to be one of the finest movies ever made.

Whether Saint Titan becomes one of the most famous and successful artists of the 21st century may come down to his work in the film industry rather than his drawings and paintings. Perhaps not. Or maybe we will never admire and appreciate his work at all. For Titan the aim is to be so brilliant that to ignore him would to be spiting one's own nose.

Early Saint Titan original paintings are available to purchase. I am in little doubt though that the value of Titan's artistic output will increase as we watch the career of an ambitious and artistic visionary unfold.


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