The Highwayman Movie to Start Principal Photography at Colorado Governor's Residence in Denver September 4th

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Production will begin on the action- adventure movie The Highwayman on the evening of September 4. Based on Alfred Noyes' well-known poem of the same name, The Highwayman is set in 18th century England but is being film in Colorado. The first three days the cast and crew will be filming in the Colorado Governor's Residence.

Production will begin on The Highwayman under a full moon on the evening of September 4. Based on Alfred Noyes' well-known poem of the same name, The Highwayman is set in 18th century England but is being filmed over 4,000 miles away (and over 5000 feet higher in elevation) in Colorado.

Impossible you say?

"Not at all," says producer Darlene Cypser, "the rolling plains and mesas east of the Front Range bear a remarkable resemblance to the downs of England. We are also fortunate that Victorian Coloradans were fond of revival architecture. The Governor's Residence, which was given to the State of Colorado by the Boettcher family, was built and decorated in "Colonial Revival" style which is perfect for our time period."

"Colorado offers a tremendous range of settings," says director Trygve Lode, "bustling cities, farmhouses amid rolling hills, forests and plains, wild west towns and medieval castles. Add 300+ sunny days per year (and 365 dark nights) and you have a state where the landscape is as film-friendly as the people. We're fortunate to have our own camera, lighting, and sound equipment, so we have the freedom to shoot anywhere we want--and we like shooting right here in Colorado."

"The Governor's residence will be the mansion of Lord Shafton who is the Godfather-like villain of The Highwayman."

Lord Shafton is played by veteran actor, Don Kraus, who has appeared in feature films with Sir Anthony Hopkins and James Garner. A native of New York with 35 years experience in theater and movies, Don now lives in Loveland and can be seen in a number of local productions. Over the Labor Day weekend Don will be joined by T. David Rutherford, an actor of 20 years experience whose theater credits include lead roles in Neil Simon's Last of the Red Hot Lovers and The Seven Year Itch and feature film credits include Alice in Wasteland, and The Vessel, who plays Magistrate Quentin, and Mike Ballard (Return of the Ghostbusters and Busted) who plays Lord Shafton's secretary, Hansen. Director Trygve Lode will also be joining them in front of the camera as Lt. Cardwell, as the men meet to discuss the local menace: the Highwayman.

And what about the Highwayman?

"The Highwayman himself will not be making an appearance at the governor's residence, though the actor who plays him will," Darlene says.

Boulder Native, Macleish Day, who is best known locally for his Colorado Light Opera portrayals of Sir Evelyn Oakleigh in Anything Goes in the summer of 2009 and J. Pierrepont Finch in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying in the summer of 2008, stars as Will Stiles who becomes the Highwayman. Macleish also plays Will's grandfather Sir Malcolm Stiles. A portion of the Governor's Residence will be used as part of Sir Malcolm's house.

Christa Cannon will also be appearing as Sir Malcolm's wife, Lady Catherine, and Tom Place will be performing as young Henry Stiles, their son.

Leading the camera department as Director of Photography will be Edward Done, a professional cinematographer with (something other than many) years of experience. Coloradans have seen many of Ed's television commercials without knowing it. He has also shot a number of movies and was second unit DP on John Sayle's Silver City.

Working with Trygve and Ed will be Mark Grove and Jon Firestone of Asgard Entertainment. Mark, a stunt coordinator and director of 20 years experience, will be acting as 2nd unit director, directing action shots and advising Trygve as he directs his first feature. The primary camera to be used for The Highwayman will be Asgard Entertainment's Red One.

"We're shooting The Highwayman entirely with the RED One digital cinema movie camera," Trygve said. "The RED camera delivers more than four times the highest video resolution supported on Blu-Ray disks and uses all the same lenses and support equipment as a top-of-the-line 35mm film movie camera. This gives us the image quality and "look" of 35mm film, the flexibility of digital, and the ability to convert easily to Blu-Ray, 35mm film prints, or 4K digital for the latest state-of-the-art digital theater projection systems."

"We were among the very first production companies to get a RED One camera when it was released," said Asgard's Jon Firestone. "So we've had a lot of experience working with RED digital cinema. We also have a full green-screen setup, sound booth, and the other equipment and facilities we need to create the ghost effects and other elements we'll need to complement the camera work we'll be doing in the Governor's mansion." Jon, a local expert on digital effects and the RED camera will be acting as Digital Effects Supervisor and Digital Imaging Technician.

Trygve Lode is known to audiences for a number of roles in front of the camera, including as the mad scientist Therion in the martial arts action movie, Dragon and the Hawk, and as the man-turned-monster in the creature-feature, The Shadow Walkers. He is also featured as the Oracle in Asgard Entertainment's Gathering of Heroes: Legend of the Seven Swords which is currently in post production. Trygve is also co-founder of Lode Data Corporation and President of the non-profit Nyx Net. If that wasn't enough, for The Highwayman, Trygve makes his debut in the director's chair. Producer Darlene Cypser said, "He's been a back-seat director for quite a number of years. I thought it was time for him to get behind the wheel."

"I've mainly appeared in action and horror films where the directors were focused on creating the most exciting or terrifying shots for the film, and that's pushed me to spend a time with other actors on the nuances of attitude, body language and all the other tiny ways you can tell a whole story without saying a word," Trygve explained. "On a microscopic level, I've been "directing" for upwards of ten years; the difference on The Highwayman is that this will be the first time I'm integrating that kind of micro-direction into an entire film."

The Highwayman is a production of The Highwayman Motion Picture, LLC, a subsidiary of Inferno Film Productions, LLC. Inferno Film Productions aka Inferno Motion Pictures, located south of the metro area, is known to many people in the Colorado for the production of Dragon and the Hawk ten years ago. Since then Inferno has been primarily focused on sales of motion picture distribution rights, exhibiting at the American Film Market in Santa Monica, California each year and acting as a sales agent for other producers. Inferno is currently offering foreign and domestic rights for about 20 motion pictures. In 2008 Inferno and its sister company, Asgard Entertainment, both decided to return to producing their own movies. The Highwayman will be in production and post production this fall and winter and will be released sometime in 2010.

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