$1,800,000 to Pay Snowboarders to Demo Revolutionary Snowboard Binding Device on their Local Mountains: Details Sept.10th Webinar

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A small US company announced today that it is kicking off its search for U.S. recreational snowboarders to help showcase its revolutionary snowboard binding device featuring "Artificial Intelligence" (AI). The search begins Sept. 10th with a nationwide webinar put on by "Boarding4Bucks.com" to recruit boarders to help roll-out this revolutionary snowboarding gear. At the webinar, the company will give a detailed snowboard bindings review and explain how each boarder gets paid $1,000 to $3,000 of the total $1,800,000, while snowboarding with friends.

When you first see it, you just can't quite believe it. But when you ride it, it's an 'ah-ha' moment. --- Like a 'light-bulb' going off in your brain.

Go2Sports, Inc. announced a free webinar on Sept. 10th offering U.S. recreational snowboarders $1,800,000 to demo their revolutionary new snowboarding binding gear. At the webinar, by "Boarding4Bucks.com," recreational snowboarders are invited to learn how they can get paid $1,000 to $3,000 to show off "Skate2Ride," a revolutionary snowboard binding device with AI. Boarders are needed to ride and show off the product on their local mountain during the 2009-10 Season. And they can do it while they ride with their snowboarding buddies. The device easily adapts and works flawlessly with any board and binding combination, so any recreational snowboarder owning his own board and binding could qualify.

At the Sept. 10th webinar, recreational snowboarders will learn how they can get paid their $1,000 to $3,000 part of the $1.8 Million and make a significant impact on the snowboarding market. They will learn how Go2Sports, Inc. has multiple patents on this revolutionary new piece of snowboarding gear using AI to let snowboarders ride and skate freely --- like skateboarders skate down neighborhood streets. Once the AI module is programmed, the performance is virtually automatic, as if the boarder has a snowboard trick built right into his boots and bindings.

At the webinar, boarders will see snowboarding videos that demonstrate how the product performs on the snow. They'll see why snowboarding will never be the same again. --- The snowboarding industry might even see a new growth spurt.    

People, who have tried "Skate2Ride," say "It will revolutionize the sport of snowboarding." Others who know the product say the company needs to get it out on the slopes.

Boarders say it's the way snowboarding was meant to be. And they wonder why this has never been done before. One said, "When you first see it, you just can't quite believe it. But when you ride it, it's an 'ah-ha' moment. --- Like a 'light-bulb' going off in your brain."

In a chat with Dwight Reynolds, Go2Sports, Inc. President, he points out, "Our research shows that we can't just put the product on store shelves and hope people will see and understand how it works. To understand "Skate2Ride," people need to see it in use or to ride it. --- To experience it first hand. --- To feel how easy it is to use. --- To get a sense of the performance enhancements. --- To see the freedom it brings to snowboarding."

That's why the company has budgeted a whopping $1.8 Million in direct payments to U.S. recreational snowboarders to ride the product on their local slopes along with their buddies. Yes, ride with their buddies and get paid $1,000 - $3,000 for it in the 2009-10 Season. Could anything be sweeter than that?

Unlike other companies, they are not looking for the Hot Shots, Shredders and Big Air guys. What Go2Sports, Inc. wants are recreational snowboarders who will get the biggest benefits from the great edge, stance, riser and other performance enhancements of "Skate2Ride."

To find and pay these boarders, the company's focal point is "Boarding4Bucks.com." And that's the place to get more details about the Sept. 10th national free webinar in search of U.S. recreational snowboarders. They are needed to ride the product on the mountains where they live, anywhere in the U.S.

If a boarder is interested, they should register for the webinar to learn what it takes to qualify. Borders should sign up early. It's FREE, over the internet and the company will be taking applications at the end of the event. Registration for the webinar starts today, at http://www.boarding4bucks.com. And as the saying goes, sort of, the early boarder gets the bucks. So check out what could be a terrific opportunity for U.S. recreational snowboarders.

With over 5.5 Million boarders out there, the webinar might just fill up early; because the webinar system can only handle 1000 registrants. So sign up now!

A company spokesperson adds that snowboarders with at least one season of boarding experience are encouraged to sign up and see if they qualify for "Boarding4Bucks" in the area where they live.


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