All Natural Relief with Pomegranate: Just in time for September's Menopause Awareness

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Solid science about the powerful pomegranate has resulted in a new, completely safe and effective all natural solution to a common health concern of women of all ages: vaginal dryness. Pure, high quality plant-derived oils have been shown to soothe delicate tissues and increase natural moisture for women, especially during menopause.

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Leave it to the team of pomegranate experts at Rochester, NY-based Pomegranate Health ( to come up with this brand new, completely safe and effective, all natural solution to a common health concern of women of all ages: vaginal dryness. Women everywhere will want to know about how using only the highest quality, food grade extracts of pomegranate and other natural ingredients can help ease so many discomforts women experience each month that are associated with hormonal imbalances, peri-menopause, and menopause.

Here now -- right in time for September's Menopause Awareness Month -- is a reliable answer.

This latest development in pomegranate technology is ideal for all women who are seeking a highly effective vaginal moisturizer, one which has been meticulously formulated to provide on-going relief from vaginal dryness, itching, burning, and irritation, while promoting all natural tissue renewal. MoisturePom Vaginal Ointment was developed using pure extracts of the pomegranate; its innovative, all-natural formula represents a major achievement in women's health care. It is the result of years of diligent research and focused product development.

Vaginal dryness can be caused by many issues, including fluctuating hormone levels associated with menstrual cycles, peri-menopause, menopause, stress, and other lifestyle factors. Women want to use natural products they can trust; and that is why the researchers at Pomegranate Health created this new formula: MoisturePom provides an all natural solution - for women of all ages - by featuring the best that Mother Nature has to offer.

Pure, Food Grade Plant Oils ONLY … No Water, No Artificial Lubricants, No Chemicals

The ingredients in MoisturePom have been carefully selected, and consist ONLY of pure, plant-derived oils, each of which naturally contains an array of nutrients that are easily absorbed, providing fatty acids and antioxidants directly to the delicate vaginal tissue cells. This formulation is designed to help with the repair of thinning tissue (caused by aging) which allows the body to be able to produce its own moisture - naturally - not from artificial lubricants or petro-chemical coatings. In addition to the pure pomegranate extracts, the other ingredients are of the highest quality: extra virgin olive oil, cocoa seed butter, and coconut oil, all of which are natural, food-grade ingredients. Additional advantages of using these plant oils in this formula are that they absorb quickly into the skin tissue without blocking or sealing skin pores (as happens with mineral oils and petrolatum, neither of which contain any nutrients); they don't leave a greasy coating on the skin; and they wash off easily with soap and water.

It's All in the Ointment …
One key factor in MoisturePom's formulation is that it was specially created as a waterless ointment. This is important because skin tissues are naturally hydrophobic; one function of the skin is to block water, but skin tissue will easily absorb oils. That means that the water found in most skin care products just winds up evaporating! That's one of the key reasons why water-based products do not work very well, or not for very long. MoisturePom's waterless formula is designed to be easily absorbed, and remains stable without the addition of harsh chemical preservatives.

About Pomegranate Health: Unlocking the Power of the Pomegranate

Pomegranate Health has earned their stellar reputation as pomegranate supplement pioneers by creating superior products that are based on the latest scientific findings, along with the inclusion of ALL parts of the plant in their product line: the seeds, the juice in its superior fermented form, the peel and the leaf. The synergistic combination of pure extracts of the pomegranate, all blended together without any chemical fillers, delivers the full spectrum of powerful antioxidants and helps to naturally balance out the hormone levels in the body.

For further information, and to find out where to purchase this and other Pomegranate Health products, contact Pomegranate Health at 800-661-5176, and at

Linda Roxanne Bryer, 831-479-8725

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