The 5 Latest Tips for Running a Social Media Campaign by Joel Davis, Founder of agency:2 The Social Media Agency

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Social Media has definitely become the thing to discuss online and everywhere else . . . whether it's Twitter or Social Networking there seems to be a number of people writing 'knowledgeably' and from an 'expert's' point of view about the rise in the use of all these online channels. The problem for a marketer, or a digital agency looking to learn more about it, is that there are so many people out there who now claim to be expert in Social Media that it's difficult to know who really is qualified and who is 'bluffing'. Social media is more than a 'bolt on' for a PR agency and it is more than just another medium for a digital agency . . . it takes time to learn how to harness it for real client benefit.

5 essential tips you should consider before setting out on a social media campaign: by Joel Davis Founder of agency:2

1.    Firstly I would suggest that any marketer who is considering following the social media route, do some proper research into which area of social media they think they'd like their brand to feature in, perhaps based on where they've noticed their target demographic being vocal.

2.    Secondly, in extreme cases, a brand can risk losing credibility if mistakes are made in terms of social media choices. Understanding the legal and ethical frame work of social media marketing alongside experience will avert a campaign backfiring, or proving to be a wasted investment.

3.    Thirdly, and I suppose I would naturally say this, but If you come directly to a Social Media specialist agency then you are going for a 'low risk' option. For example, we at agency:2 have been around since 2007 and have a number of tried and tested methods of implementing our clients' strategies. These are borne out of experience and we would be able to demonstrate through real case studies and testimonials how our clients have benefited from working with us - any other specialist should have the same kind of confidence in their past working knowledge of how social media works.

4.    Also, because we've had time to test our methods, we have also had time to build up a number of tools, methodologies and processes to track our social media effectiveness - there won't be many social media 'experts' who have just joined the party who can demonstrate this level of experience or prove ROI.

5.    Finally, don't believe the hype - social media is not as new and untested as it may at times appear. It has been around for a while and, as such, it is possible to enter into a social media campaign with confidence in it as a viable alternative to or complement to traditional digital marketing methods. Your 'expert' or 'specialist' should be able to show you how social media can work in tandem with another digital avenues and give you guidance for example on how CTR's compare, eg social media vs banners or social media vs e-mail marketing. This information is key for budget and ROI marketing planning.

In summary, social media can provide marketers with limitless opportunities to develop their product offerings, develop relationships and ultimately boost their sales. It is, however, important to take a little bit of extra time before getting started on ensuring that you're working with the right partner.

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About agency:2 The Social Media Agency

agency:2 was founded in 2007. We are have offices in London and San Francisco.

agency:2 promotes brands within influential online communities by deploying writers to actively participate within discussions on popular and highly targeted user generated sites such as forums, blogs, microblogs and social networks.

By monitoring relevant conversations within such user generated sites agency:2 helps brands improve their customer insights and competitive intelligence.

agency:2 delivers ground-breaking ROI on social media marketing activity. Our activity complies with the 2008 Consumer Protection Act in terms of ethics and transparency. All writers make it clear that they are acting on a brand's behalf - being open and honest can increase brand loyalty and is also one of the reasons that clients receive incredibly high conversion rates.

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