Dermatologist in Portland, Oregon Designs Custom Treatments for "Vacation" Skin Correction

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Summer vacations can mean summer sun damage, and in Portland, Oregon, dermatologists like Dr. Douglas Key offer new treatments specially designed to improve skin quality after too much sun exposure.

Sun damage is common during the summer months, but this September many women and men are choosing to deal with the negative effects of overexposure by taking advantage of procedures designed specifically for vacation-related sun damage. Dr. Douglas Key (, a dermatologist in Portland, Oregon, says a growing number of people are turning to skin care professionals to correct the damage from overexposure during the summer months.

"Right now I'm seeing many women and men who have returned from vacation noticing new signs of aging from sun exposure," says Dr. Key. "They are looking for a quick way to correct sun-related problems like wrinkles and 'age spots' now that they're back at work."

Dr. Key says that, while sun exposure is a common factor of most vacations, trips to popular destinations closer to the equator tend to pose extra risks of strong UV radiation. However, even "close to home" waterfront getaways can lead to extra sun damage because the water magnifies the sun's rays, multiplying their destructive impact and speeding up the skin's aging process. As a result, people returning from vacations find their skin rapidly developing a dry, wrinkled, rough and discolored appearance that looks aged and unhealthy.

"Most of the demand I'm seeing right now is for laser treatments designed to reverse the effects of sun damage," Dr. Key notes. "Other treatments like injectables and SmartXide DOT Therapy are also getting attention because many dermatologists will recommend them as part of their wrinkle treatment programs. The goal is to reverse sun-related tissue damage and its visual effects."

Dr. Key's most popular laser treatments such as Fraxel®, DOT Therapy, CoolBreezeâ„¢ and intense pulsed light (IPL) use various types of laser energy to destroy damaged skin cells so that the body will build healthier, younger-looking tissue.

"Some laser treatments just aren't appropriate for recently-damaged skin, because they affect all of the surface tissues in the treatment area and can actually damage tanned skin," explains Dr. Key. "But now that summer's just about over, I recommend taking care of it all. Treatments like IPL, DOT Therapy and Fraxel can be a powerful combination to address lines, wrinkles and pigmentation issues."

Dr. Key says that returning vacationers are favoring these treatments because they require such little downtime in comparison to older, ablative laser therapies. DOT Therapy and Fraxel laser treatments administer treatment energy in a dot-like pattern, affecting only small pixels of skin, so the adjacent tissues benefit from the simulating effects of the laser, without having to repair the effects of the laser treatment at the same time.

"This is a highly attractive treatment that's popular year round but has seen increased interest in recent months because it is so effective," notes Dr. Key. "As always, patients should choose a qualified skin doctor in Portland for their treatment. There are plenty of options out there, but for best results you need an experienced professional to design a personalized treatment plan for you."

Dr. Douglas J. Key (, is a board-certified dermatologist in Portland, Oregon, and founder of the Key Laser Institute for Aesthetic Medicine®. Dr. Key received his medical doctorate from the University of San Francisco, and his dermatology training in both New York and Yale Universities, balancing patient-focused approaches with research-intensive study of recent techniques. As an authority in cosmetic laser treatments and a highly regarded skin doctor, Dr. Key offers treatments ranging from laser skin rejuvenation and spider vein therapy to injectables, and cellulite correction.


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