New Book Shares Ancient Native American Wisdom for the Modern Age

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Native American author and lecturer Wendy Hill has just published a forceful new book, Understanding Life, What My Ancestors Taught Me Through My Dreams available from Red Lead Press.

Native American author and lecturer Wendy Hill has just published a forceful new book, Understanding Life, What My Ancestors Taught Me Through My Dreams available from Red Lead Press. Hill observes many Native people to live their lives with a sense of confusion, emptiness, and disconnection. In her study and scrutiny of those with whom she is in contact, she believes many live in the grip of fear, a condition that she ascribes to Native people having lost the practices and understandings of their ancestors. Remarkably through her dreams her ancestors have taught Hill the ancient wisdom of what have been the core beliefs of her people for generations: The spiritual relationship for Native people is their connection to the Earth, to spirit forces, and their experience of being loved by the Creator.

Since she was a small child Hill has experienced powerful and often disturbing dreams. From the time she was two until her teen years she dreamed of a monster, which her mother called the Money Monster. It was a huge steamroller, the size of a football field, made of green and white money that destroyed everything in its path. As a child, Hill was terrified by the dream, which as an adult she has come to understand as a message from her ancestors who warned her of the damage American money is wrecking on Mother Earth. Colonization, annihilation, separation of families, destruction of culture, language, and religion, broken treaties and broken promises have separated native people from their true identities. Modernization has led to disrespect of humans, abuse of the Earth, and jeopardizing the lives of future generations.

Keenly aware of the spirit life, other dreams have shown Hill the sadness of her ancestors about the social mores of young Native people who use drugs and alcohol to escape the pain of lost connections and isolation. Some dreams demonstrated to Hill her own healing powers and how to develop her inherent abilities to heal the heart, spirit, and mind. Some prophetic dreams have foretold future events, and some have depicted great universal truths about the Creator's love, believing in oneself and the unique job each person has to accomplish while living on Earth.

Over one thousand years ago a messenger from the Creator, the Peacemaker, came to assure Native people of how they were to live in the Creator's love: treat people with respect, caring, consideration, and kindness. Given all the historical injustices they suffered, continuing to practice these principles in the face of conflict, oppression, and loss of identity became difficult. In her book, Hill shares her knowledge and wisdom with an audience beyond those who attend her workshops and conferences throughout North America with the hope of restoring the ancient connections by relating her own personal experiences and powerful testimony.

Wendy Hill is a member of the Cayuga Nation, which is a part of the Six Nations/Iroquois people. She works as a spiritual healer in many different Native communities and travels extensively encouraging community wellness and healing as well as an awareness of the changes in the Earth.

To arrange for a speech or workshop by Hill or for more information about Understanding Life…What My Ancestors Taught Me Through My Dreams ($14.00, paperback, ISBN 978-1-4349-6197-6), contact Red Lead Press at 1-800-834-1803 or at

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