Puff Cigarettes Currently Tops List of Old Time Pranks, According to Fakecrap.com

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Fake Cigarettes Can Be Addictive

The back pages of comic books used to contain a cartoon image of a guy examining the bones in his hand while wearing a pair of X-Ray Specs. Another common graphic image was the shocked victim of the Joy Buzzer with hair standing straight on end and eyes bugged out. And of course there was the classic cartoon of the exploding cigar prank. A lot of the old-time pranks are still in existence today but cultural trends and political correctness factors affect their current popularity. At the present time the Puff Cigarette is the most popular of ten old time pranks, according to fakecrap.com, a Daytona Beach based practical joke business.

The popularity of Puff Cigarettes could be a result of the laws restricting smoking in public now. This restriction instantly makes this trick hilarious. Since almost any environment is a non-smoking zone now, you can stir things up anywhere now with this fake cigarette. For those who are unfamiliar with Puff Cigarettes, think convincing fake cigarettes with a glowing end and a serious puff of smoke. The puff of smoke is the clincher in a practical joke setting. People are convinced that you have a real cigarette going when they see that puff of smoke. So when you drop this "lit" cigarette on the victim's carpet or furniture, you will get an instant reaction. You can puff on this fake cigarette in a restaurant, an elevator, or any nonsmoking environment and immediately there will be a reaction. That's when you can drop the fake cigarette in your pocket or purse or put it behind your ear.

The puff of smoke comes from powder that is inside the puff cigarette. Blowing gently into the device will expel what appears to be a cloud of smoke. Kids can really get their parents going with a puff of "smoke" and a practiced cough. Non smokers can explain to their astonished friends that they picked up a couple of bad habits on their last trip Daytona. Or a more elaborate prank can be developed. One customer explained how her "Fireproof Suit" trick was too effective. She wanted to fool her brother that her husband had purchased a fireproof suit. To demonstrate, she puffed on the fake cigarette, then touched the lit end to a sleeve of the coat. Her brother was amazed to see no burn on the sleeve, then immediately touched his lit cigarette to the other sleeve, promptly burning a hole in the coat. (Moral of story: when setting up a prank with a fake cigarette, always make sure that nobody has a real lit cigarette handy. This same general rule applies to fake knives and especially to fake guns.)

Political correctness factors have probably caused the increase in the sales of Puff Cigarettes. These factors have probably also had a negative effect on the sales of Itching Powder, Stink Bombs, and Cigarette Loads. Stores are evacuated now if a stink bomb is set off since living in a post 9/11 world includes the possibility of sinister terrorists, when it's really just smirking punks setting off stink bombs. Likewise thoughts of the anthrax scares in 2001 can cause victims of Itching Powder to panic.

Laws regarding indoor clean air have also had an effect on theatrical productions, making it illegal for performers to use actual lit cigarettes in their productions. Theatrical companies account for more than half of sales of puff cigarettes. Reduced prices for volume orders are featured for this product: http://www.fakecrap.com/products/puff_cigarettes.html

Information on how to use Puff Cigarettes as well as other popular practical joke products can be obtained by subscribing to the "Practical Joker" electronic newsletter. In addition to product information, popular pranks and practical jokes are included in the weekly publication so that the reader may explore new ways to create unusual problems for their friends and family. Subscribe to the popular newsletter from the web site home page at http://www.fakecrap.com.


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