Financial Retirement Secrets Exposed

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Roy Henry is exposing financial retirement secrets as a way of giving back to the community.

The Henry Charitable Foundation (Non-Profit) is exposing financial retirement secrets. ( )

The Henry Charitable Foundation was founded by Roy Henry, who has been in financial planning for over 40 years. He's been called a pioneer of financial planning. Roy Henry served over 300 clients that have learned the same rules and many of them have a "Complete & Carefree Retirement." A Complete & Carefree Retirement means all bills or overhead are paid, enjoy traveling, start new hobbies, spend time with family and loved ones throughout your retirement. Roy Henry is also a R.F.C (Registered Financial Consultant) and served as President for 5 years of the I.A.R.F.C Association when there were very few consultants. He wanted to see the association grow so he turned it over to others who he felt would make it grow, and grow it did. The organization is called the I.A.R.F.C. (International Association of Registered Financial Consultants) and it is worldwide with over 8,000 members. That's huge! Not only are they teaching Americans about financial planning, but they are also teaching financial planning to help the growing number of middle class all over the world, and is free for the public to use. Visitors should bookmark it! These are all the secrets that people pay $1000's of dollars for right out of their pockets. Everything is absolutely free.

In the RH Free Retirement Advice website, Mr. Henry has a "Tools" section he uses everyday and it tells visitors what he is doing like what bank to use, he explains the difference in CDs vs. small loans, the broker dealer one should use, annuities, real estate, oil & gas and more. He also talks about how to invest and where to invest your money, and he says if a person have any questions just email him with and leave a phone number and he will personally get back to that individual by email or phone if necessary. When we at i402 Media Inc. asked Mr. Roy Henry why he is doing this, he replied "First off, I am a Christian; I've lived a great life. I am older now, and it may sound corny, but I see this as a way of giving back before I pass on. My foundation will hopefully help people for at least 500 years or more after I am gone." What could our staff say after that? Nothing, just listen.

The Henry Charitable foundation is for:

  •     People who want to have a Complete and Carefree Retirement
  •     Those Close to Retirement
  •     Those who are already Retired

To use Henry's Exposed Financial Planning Tools to improve your life so that you may have a complete retirement go to Also, donate to help keep this non-profit organization going, but that is optional.

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