Metal band, Lost Legacy Signed to Allmighty Entertainment; September 3, 2009 - Almighty Kay Gee Announces Metal Band

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Almighty Kay Gee introduces Metal album "The Aftermath" in stores this fall.

Lost Legacy is a Power/Metal Band from NY, founded in 1998. Lost Legacy is a six piece band, which has played many shows in the NY tristate area and has opened up for many National acts. After 11 years of fighting the odds we have now just signed with Almighty Kay Gee, on his label Allmighty Entertainment "We're so grateful for the opportunity that was given to us, after so many years".

David Franco, (rhythm guitarist) began in 1990 when he started singing to some of his Favorite Metal bands. In 1997, he picked up a guitar, which he received as a gift for Christmas. In 1998, David went on to form the band Lost Legacy with Angel Vega while playing rhythm guitar. Shortly after, David realized he just wanted to sing and the rest is history

Scotty "The Body" (guitarist), having played guitar for 30+ years, started in the early 70's after seeing a television performance of then famous rock band Slade. Smitten with the band, he grabbed his father's beat up acoustic guitar and began plucking out the first three chords he learned (G, C, D). In 1978 he picked potatoes for three weeks, and borrowed an additional twenty dollars, to purchase his first electric guitar and amp. Following that purchase he went right over to local guitar instructor's house and began lessons, learning every lick from every classic rock player, and then hip jazz fusion players, he could get a hold of. He was immediately introduced to the hot new release Van Halen 1, and the monumental guitar work of Eddie Van Halen. Already citing huge influences such as Steve Morse, Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore, Al DiMeola, and Jimmy Page, the addition of Van Halen turned Scotty's world on its proverbial ear. The ensuing years saw many 8-10 hour practice days, and by the time 1982 came around (age 12) he was an accomplished guitarist. He started his real first band in 1984, mostly performing cover songs for high school dances (mostly 80's metal, and classic rock). He progressed through the 80's wave of guitar virtuosos, from Randy Rhoads & Yngwie Malmsteen, to Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, and Jason Becker. In 1988 Scotty relocated to Boston where he joined A.I.., a progressive, technical thrash band that proceeded to play the club scene, and then toured the east coast, and parts of the mid-west playing large clubs, and small theaters. Family pressures saw Scotty return to his hometown, but just briefly, when in 1990 he joined a New York City melodic rock band Wall$treet, and played all over the northeast for the next two years playing to packed clubs everywhere from Hartford, CT, to Washington DC.. When the 1992-1993 grunge scene made melodic rock obsolete, Scotty moved into playing jazz fusion with several different bands including Mule Kick('95-'98) and The Lab ('99-'03). Upon growing tired of the jazz scene, after 10 years, he looked to get back into playing Heavy Metal. After performing with 1928, a Dream Theater tribute band, a chance meeting with Paul Kuthe led Scotty to join Lost Legacy in 2004, where he has been wowing audiences with high octane, over the top, technically advanced guitar playing ever since.

Tim Caccopola, (drummer) is 26 yrs old and is a full time teacher as well as drummer. His influences include many thrash and death metal artists including, Death, Slayer, Exodus, Testament, Pantera, Cannibal Corpse, At the Gates, Exhorder, Sodom, and many others. Tim has also played in Scorched Earth, an experimental grindcore/melodic death metal band before joining forces with Lost Legacy.

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