StaffDynamics Hiring Expert Offers Tips To Screen Potential Candidates -- And Get The Most Out Of Existing Staff

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With corporate budgets stretched tight and trimmed of fat, companies are looking to advanced personality testing to evaluate potential new hires and maximize productivity from existing staff, according to hring expert Daniel Abramson of D.C.-based StaffDynamics. Abramson offers tips to assist hiring managers here.

With corporate budgets stretched tight and trimmed of fat, companies are looking to advanced personality testing to evaluate potential new hires and maximize productivity from existing staff, according to hring expert Daniel Abramson, CEO of StaffDyamics.

"A bad hire costs a company three times that person's salary. A mis-hire with an $80,000 salary costs $240,000 in related expenses," says Abramson, a Washington, D.C.-based author, speaker, corporate trainer and coach. "We interview by gut. Someone looks like us, dresses like us, talks like us, it feels right - then we get buffaloed. We hire for skills, then fire for personality. So as a hiring manager, you've gotta get it right the first time."

Especially in tight economic times.

"There's no redundancy in today's corporate structure," Abramson says. "At smaller companies - and today they're all smaller companies - everyone has to be a knowledge worker, everyone has to contribute. There's no place to hide in the corner any more."

After two decades focused on workforce performance strategies, Abramson founded D.C.-based StaffDynamics, a corporate talent management consulting firm specializing in performance and efficiency, in 2001.

Hiring is the single most important component in a successful business model, followed shortly by making the most of the staff you already have in place.

"In Good to Great, Jim Collins says you've gotta get the right people on the right bus in the right seats all going in the right direction. It's all about chemistry, culture, compatibility and fit," Abramson says.

Better interviewing techniques help; even more beneficial is advanced personality assessment testing that goes far beyond industry standbys like Myers-Briggs. Abramson prefers the DISC (Dominance/Influence/Steadiness/Compliance) assessment test, which is more in-depth, more intuitive, and more easily interpreted than other assessment modules. Abramson says the simple, seven-minute profile is remarkably accurate at helping employers avoid costly hiring mistakes - and post-hiring benchmarking can show where tweaks may be needed among existing staff.

"We are a service-based economy. We don't manufacture stuff any more. It's all about people, relationships, trust and referrals," Abramson explains. "We don't need people who make widgets, we need people who can develop relationships and knowledge -- which is another reason we don't want high turnover. In a service-based business, you can't have people taking the knowledge they've learned at your expense and leaving with it. If you're just a widget-maker, no problem, I can easily teach someone else to make widgets. But in a service-based economy, the knowledge I lose by you leaving is costly."

An employer who better knows his or her employees has a better chance of maximizing their efforts - and keeping a good team together. Advanced personality assessments can also reveal weak links in the chain and help employers make adjustments.

"The question is not so much whether a particular person has the hard skills to do a job, but how well that person will work with your existing group. And to achieve more throughput with less manpower, executives and managers need now more than ever a way to measure and modulate the 'soft skills', those that hold up best during crunch time," Abramson says.

StaffDynamics develops personality benchmarks that compare prospective employees with existing top performers. DISC assessment is just the beginning, though the seven-minute profile is "incredibly revealing about an individual's work style and habits. Even skeptics are impressed when they take it themselves," Abramson says.

StaffDynamics conducts introductory personality assessments and seminars for individual firms and trade groups (the company also provides selective head-hunting services for VP-level and higher executives).

"It's amazing what comes out of these sessions," Abramson says. "Agreement about the current business environment and the need for a different approach is almost universal. The conversations inevitably spin off into topics such as training, business process optimization, team building, turnover management and restructuring the hiring process. Everyone walks away with at least three usable ideas or best practices to immediately improve the accuracy of hiring decisions and the efficiency of the team-building process."

More compatible employees make for a more efficient team. Personality is as much a predictor of a successful blending with an existing team as skillset. Knowing what makes the workers you have tick can show you how to more effectively utilize them; if you can't clear the deck and re-staff, you can at least evaluate current employees to better learn how to make use of your available resources - and make sure that future hires have the right work ethic and personality to fit into your organization.

For more information on StaffDynamics - including a sample DISC assessment at a nominal charge - visit or call 877-568-2222.

Daniel Abramson, CTS, President of Staffdynamics is available for interviews immediately. An accomplished author of two books, sought-after sales trainer and business coach, he has focused on sales performance strategies and "raising the bar" for over 25 years. Prior to founding Staffdynamics, Daniel headed an international staffing firm with 120 offices. Under his leadership, revenues tripled and profits increased nine-fold. Daniel's energetic, no-nonsense style appeals to clients seeking results at a new level. His philosophy is simple, his training is tough, his results are rewarding. His proven ability as a business strategist consistently earns rave reviews that last well beyond his time on the podium.Daniel is a certified instructor of Xerox Professional Selling Skills and DISC personality assessments, and has completed the Dale Carnegie program.

He lives in the Washington, DC area with his wife, two daughters, and a bevy of pets. He can be reached at Daniel(at)staffdynamics(dot)biz or 877-568-2222

Daniel Abramson or Lisa Lang

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