Robin And The Giant Re-Invent Halloween

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Recording artists and songwriters Robin And The Giant have released a video on YouTube titled "Scary Stuff" to promote their Halloween themed album for children titled, "It's Only Pretend." The album offers eleven original songs and re-invents this popular October holiday.

Children's recording artists Robin And The Giant have released a video to promote their Halloween album titled "It's Only Pretend." The Florida based duo says this collection of original songs attempts to re-invent the often controversial holiday and make it more fun, and less scary, for children.

The video, "Scary Stuff," based on the song of the same name, shows Robin And The Giant on a tour of a haunted house. The duo engage in dialogue that explains for the young viewer how the sounds and sights of the "haunted experience" are often made up of items that are used everyday in an attempt to make the experience more fun and less frightening for children.

Robin And The Giant said in a recent interview, "When we were children Halloween was more about dressing up as policemen or nurses or things we wanted to be when we grew up. Halloween has become macabre and we hope our album will reverse that trend, at least for children, and make the day fun again."

Indeed, the album offers some new approaches that could very well re-invent Halloween.

For example, in the song "Halloween Suite," Robin And The Giant offer an alternative to door to door Trick-or-Treating with a suggestion that communities present concerts for children on Halloween and substitute "suites" for "sweets." The song describes the theater experience with the words, "Not quite a movie and not quite a play, more like a concert on Halloween Day. Dressed up in costumes they'd line up the seats with pumpkin shaped lights in the aisles at the Halloween Suite."

The song continues as the duo sing, "Traditions are built upon holidays, some are adhered to and some thrown away, doing things together as a family, letting our hair down and laughing at the Halloween Suite."

The album, "It's Only Pretend," also approaches the childhood obesity issue in a song titled, "Run Like Jackie Joyner." The song tells the story of a young girl named Angela who dresses up for Halloween as an "Olympic running superstar" only to be laughed at and humiliated by her friends because of her overweight condition. The song says, "And though the laughing simply was not right, she made a vow that very night that she would exercise and change her ways. So she opened up a magazine and soon the candy from that Halloween was in the garbage and she was jogging every day."

Robin And The Giant state, "We want Halloween to be fun and creative but we also think that the blood-and-gore aspect of the day has gone too far, at least for children."

Then there's the story of "Heloise O'Lantern." The duo offers a new character to the Fall holiday in this song and describe her as "Jack O'Lantern's" little sister. The song states, "Heloise O'Lantern, she was Jacky's sister, nobody knew her, how could we have missed her? When every Thanksgiving Heloise sits in the middle of a cornucopia of love."

Robin And The Giant tell this tale by shedding some light on the character of Heloise by singing, "Heloise was fine with letting Jack shine. Besides, she is little and a candle wouldn't fit in her middle." They then sing, "But she's big in other ways, see, her time is Thanksgiving Day and she sits there by the dressing reminding us of our many, many, many, many blessings."

Perhaps the best line in the song, however, might be when it asks, "But why is there no face?" and then answers the question by saying, "Ah, you've reached the mystery. Well here's some Halloween history. Heloise has no face because it's bowed while saying Grace."

The final song on the album is a poem titled, "Thank You For Sharing The Moon." The poem is about a boy named Anthony who is deaf and who is sitting alone at a Halloween party. Three of the other children, aware of Anthony's condition, befriend him and include him in on the fun. The children remind each other in the poem to respect each other despite differences.

The poem states, "Some people are different" and goes on to say, "that isn't a reason to ignore anyone."

The poem then states, "Some people seem different, although they really are not, everyone is the same. Anthony and Sandra have both been blessed, not being deterred and therefore refrain."

The children then engage in visual games, like making hand shadows. The poem describes one scene by saying, "Anthony laughed at Sandra's moon art, he made some more shadows through the beam. Sandra laughed loudly and soon they both roared
as their shadows made up a team."

The heartwarming tale concludes with the words, "Soon all were making shadows of their own when Anthony signed to them all, 'Thank You for sharing the moon with me. This is the best Halloween of them all'."

The album, "It's Only Pretend" contains a total of eleven original songs. For more information about Robin And The Giant and to view their videos and purchase their albums and songs, go to


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