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Pastor Mackey, author of the book, has been featured in articles and news stories with New York Newsday, WWRL New York Night Talk with Bob Law, News 12 Long Island, ABC, NBC, CBS, TBN, The African American Media Network, Charisma Magazine, the Community Journal, the Love Express Newspaper, and Upscale Magazine.

About the Book - Real Revival is a life-changing book. This book will help the single parent, the married couple, the divorced man or woman, the young person, the middle-aged, and the senior citizen (Or anyone else who desires a close walk with God.) This living classic teaches that seeking the face of God in the midst of real life situations on a daily basis, is the true key to Revival. The Book's forward is written by Rev. Dr. Chris Tunde Joda, one of the key leaders of the Revival in Lagos, Nigeria and London, England.

Chapter titles include: Prayer -- The Fuel of Real Revival, Seeking God, Interviews Concerning Revival, Real Revival in Troubled Times, and Keep the Fires Burning.

Read this book, share it with your pastor, Church family, Sunday school, Bible study, Prayer Group, etc. As you read, pray, "Lord, send a Revival and let it begin in me and spread to the lives of many others."

Understanding the Meaning of Real Revival
Jesus Christ, the Lord of revival has given me, through the power of the Holy Spirit, three definitions of what revival is. In order to talk about the Lord of revival, in order to deal with the quest for spiritual renewal, we must understand what revival is. The Lord of revival, Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit, gave me the following definitions by laying them on my heart.

Firstly, revival is a spiritual quest. It is a constant journey to resurrect a dead, dormant and dull church into an organized group of captivating, committed, and creative believers in Jesus Christ, whose vibrant lives make a real difference in a real world that is full of real problems. Now, of course, this applies to the church at large, and this applies to people individually as well as collectively.

Secondly, the Lord of revival gave me this definition, through the leading of the Holy Spirit. Revival is a divinely orchestrated and wondrous work of the Holy Spirit that convicts the church to rekindle the red-hot flames of spiritual renewal and Godly integrity. This impacts the social, political and economic structures of society for the glory of God, even in the midst of great Christian persecution.

And thirdly, the prompting of the Holy Spirit laid this last definition on my heart to share with you. Real revival is an awesome move of God that clearly calls the church to complete repentance, more responsibility and renewed relationships with God. Thereby, bringing the fear of God Almighty back into the center of secular society.
Real Revival
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In this bestselling book entitled Revival in the Valley of Dry Bones: Raising Up an Exceeding Great Army, Pastor Mackey states, "Clearly, there is a dire need today in our cities for a word of true prophetic destiny that sets the captive free from the brutal bondage of modern-day slavery where the poor are the last to be hired and the first to be fired. Even in the midst of the valley of apparent hopelessness, we must not give up, because there is divine hope from above. We can be the visionaries of victory rather than the everlasting victims of the vicious system."

Mackey through the leading of the Holy Spirit brings Ezekiel 37:1-14, the 62nd prophecy of Old Testament Jewish Major Prophet named, Ezekiel, to life for the reader. Ezekiel 37:1-14 is a major Old Testament prophecy which was partially fulfilled when Isreal became a nation in 1948. This is the classic scriptural passage that literally birthed the whole concept of networking, linking, and connecting (like the dry bones)as a nation, and in the spiritual sense, as well as in the corporate business world. Jews have read this passage for thousands of years. Christian Preachers have preached this famous text with great passion and fervor ever since the Bible was first printed. African-Americans have helped to further spread the historical scriptural message to the modern day masses through the preached word and the classic old Negro Spiritual entitled, Dem Bones. Jews, Christians, African-Americans, and precious little school children and adults of every single background imaginable have been touched and literally transformed by this Ezekiel 37:1-14 scripture text that "Revival In The Valley of Dry Bones" by Pastor Mackey is based on.

In his newest book Pastor Mackey states that, "God is calling on all the soldiers in His army to come together and walk down into the valley of dry bones with Him and carry His word of real revival and restoration to our families, our neighborhoods, and our communities. Jesus Christ calls us to come together to prophesy fresh new life from the very breath of God, and stand up on our feet, an exceeding great army."

Arthur L. Mackey, Jr., is the pastor of the historic Mount Sinai Baptist Church Cathedral in Roosevelt, New York. He is also president of Vision of Victory Ministries and Arthur Mackey Ministries. He is a graduate of Virginia Union University in Richmond, Virginia, where he majored in religion and philosophy. He is also a community research assistant in the Office of Communications and Public Affairs for the Town of Hempstead, America's largest township. Pastor Mackey is the noted author of the Biblical Principles of Success, Walking Through the Doorways of Destiny, Inner Healing for Men, Inner Healing for Women, and Real Revival. Pastor Mackey has ministered throughout America, Europe, and Africa.

Revival In The Valley of Dry Bones
Raising Up An Exceeding Great Army
By Arthur L. Mackey, Jr. (Author)

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Dimensions: 6 x 9

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