National Discount Coins Reveals Additional Gold Coin Industry Secrets

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National Discount Coins blows the lid off industry secrets other Gold Dealers do NOT want their clients to know.

Michael Stabach, a long time gold coin dealer and owner of National Discount Coins in Weston, FL, reveals additional gold coin industry secrets which the competition don't want you to hear.

"Very simply put, my clients are my family and friends and I treat them as such because without them, I have no business. Some of our competitors though play misdirection games with their clients. We do not. Quite frankly, the people who see my TV commercials and contact me are seeing other gold coin commercials and contacting those gold companies as well. This suits me just fine as I offer the lowest prices and best service of any Nationally advertising gold coin company.

Specifically, I hear the following disturbing statements quite often;

1.     I was told to buy old European coins such as Swiss 20 Francs or British Sovereigns (at extremely inflated prices) because they are not confiscatable.
2.    I was told to purchase 1st Strike bullion coins.
3.    I was told to purchase Certified Mint State Bullion coins.
4.    I was told we charge the "Industry Standard" 29% spread, but I'm only charging you 17%.
5.    We charge 29% up front, but no fee on the back end, except a 1% liquidation fee.
6.    I was told to buy from company X because they're one the largest Gold brokers in the industry.
7.    I was told to exchange the coins I have in my IRA for different type of coin because "Institutions" are dumping what I have in favor of what is being offered to me now.
8.    I was told to "upgrade" my coins to "higher quality" coins for better growth.
9.    I'll lock in your price today. Just drop a check in the mail within the next couple days.
10.    You can trust us; we do over $400,000,000.00 a year in sales and have been around since 1960.

Plain and simple, these types of statements are generally made to make the coin broker money, not the client. If you hear any of these bogus suggestions, run the other way as quickly as possible and give me a call. I assure you, at my place, you'll receive good, honest information. The bottom line; most large coin firms reveal in the fine print of their paperwork that their fees average 29% or even more per order. By keeping our operating expenses as low as possible, our fees average less than half of what the big companies are charging for the exact same quality products with just as good, if not better service. The best suggestion I can make to anyone looking for a gold coin investment is always ask the broker what their fees are and get the fee structure from the company in writing."

Michael Stabach's company, National Discount Coins, is located in Weston, FL and is available to assist with any gold coin purchase or liquidation for investment portfolios or gold coin IRAs. National Discount Coins website is: You can reach Michael Stabach directly at National Discount Coins toll free at (888) 896-2069.


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