Devils Racecourse - New Controversial Film Promises to Expose the Truth

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The new feature from independent filmmakers Patriot Film Studios, LLC will raise questions regarding the existence of a New World Order (NWO) and its influence within the US government. Targeting the 18 to 30 year old audience, Devils Racecourse wraps today's conspiracy theories in an exciting, fast paced movie.

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It was a grueling process, we spent hours agonizing over headshots and audition footage.

With the tagline "Everything you have been told to believe… is a lie." Filmmakers Jeff Colburn and Brian Machiran hope to grab the attention of the younger generation. Although a fictional story, the core of the film addresses the existence of a New World Order and how it operates within the government and manipulates the media in order to advance its own agenda.

When asked why they decided to take on such a controversial topic, Colburn said, "We didn't like the way the country is headed. So when we decided to make a film, we wanted it to send a message… a sort of wake up call."

Maryland based Patriot Film Studios, LLC is owned by Colburn and Machiran. This is the first endeavor by these two Information Technology professionals turned filmmakers. As students of history and the Constitution, they could no longer stand by and watch as the government continued to intrude on our civil liberties. Machiran said, "It's just amazing that congress was able to pass a piece of legislation that tramples the rights of its citizens without the slightest outcry." He of course, is referring to the Patriot Act that was passed shortly after the September 11th attacks. Colburn and Machiran both believe the government used the September 11th and Anthrax attacks as an opportunity to push this bill through. Colburn said, "People had just watched the towers collapse, what better time to get them to agree to sacrifice freedom for security."

The story is about a group of college aged hikers who find themselves caught in the middle of a government conspiracy. Colburn said, "The strange thing is that the idea for Devils came to me as a dream. I guess that's what happens when you are in the middle of an X-File marathon and planning a hiking trip."

Having seen the reaction to the many documentaries addressing this topic, Colburn and Machiran knew they had to make their story more appealing to the younger audience. Colburn said, "We knew having a great story was key. We wanted kids to walk out saying "that movie was awesome." But we also wanted them to walk out saying "could that really be going on?" and really start questioning things." Colburn and Machiran both believe that it will be up to the younger generation to steer this country back on course. In order to do that, they need to be armed with the truth.

Judging from the positive feedback the movie trailer received, it appears they have the first part. But will their audience get the message? Visionary director Rick Ganz ("An Immortal Tale") was brought to task. Machiran said, "It is an important story and we knew Rick had the vision to ensure that the message wouldn't get lost in a bunch of action sequences."

After reading the screenplay, Ganz knew he had to be part of it. Ganz said, "It's a powerful story with an alarming message. It was going to be a challenge, but I knew I was the one who could get it done."
The majority of the cast consists of young, up and coming actors, most being under 25. Colburn and Machiran used local actors as well as talent from New York and Los Angeles. Knowing the importance of the characters in the film, each actor had to match the look and personality that the filmmakers envisioned for that character. Colburn said, "It was a grueling process, we spent hours agonizing over headshots and audition footage."

Devils Racecourse is now in post production. The feature is scheduled for limited screenings this winter with its official release slated for after the New Year.

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Patriot Film Studios, LLC is an independent film production company based in Frederick, Maryland.


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