Giant Dice has Education up in the air and on a roll

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Children are being asked to throw dice for their education. Rising levels of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), is forcing teachers to adopt innovative and creative methods in order to cater for student's personal learning styles and needs. Hyper-stimulated children need a compatible way of learning and the activity associated with giant dice seems just the thing. With a many and varied content their use enables what becomes a totally immersive educational experience that is playful and fun, gets bodies moving, and develops social skills; all of which contributes to powerful learning.

Children just adore to jump, roll and revel in play with these dice

More and more children are taking a "chance" with their education - on what some say, is a revolution in the way they can be taught.

Children are being asked to confront the unexpected, deal with apprehension and discover excitement and fun, so they can further develop their numeracy skills, explore emotions, play games, participate in structured physical activity, explore good life choices, and develop their social skills, including caring, sharing and turn taking - all on a throw of a giant dice.

In reality, this is no ordinary dice; it's a giant dice with a pleasing tactile feel, that's visually stimulating and yet a little challenging size wise.

Ecopreneur and inventor, Roger Carthew, aware of the growing prevalence of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) sees the suspenseful situation that children experience with each throw, as creating the right environment within which to teach. According to the latest American Academy of Paediatrics research, ADHD now has a prevalence of around seven to ten percent in young children.

So, gaining and holding their attention, and providing the best possible educational outcomes, brings its specific challenges to the classroom. Teachers have a passion and commitment to providing the best possible learning outcomes for all, and so, finding new and stimulating ways to engage their children is a high priority.

Nowadays it's is not unusual in a class of twenty or thirty children, to have two or three with ADHD. "Meeting the specific learning needs of these children require compatibility between the education method and the child - all of which occurs with each throw of the dice" says Roger Carthew.

"But it's no ordinary dice, it's an educational dice, that grabs children's attention and promotes learning of our young" explained Mr Carthew. "These giant educational dice have just been let loose on children with outstanding results."

"There's an exciting variety of educational content. And they appeal to children from early childhood through to early high school. There are number, aerobics, yoga, good environmental choices, exploring feelings, and much more amongst the forty seven dice collection, with more to come."

Monash University lecturer in Primary Curriculum and Pedagogy, Dr David Zyngier, says "these giant dice actively engage children, promote play and fun whilst introducing educational concepts to children. When children are immersed in play with giant educational dice, a number of the child's faculties are simultaneously stimulated creating an educational experience that fully engages the physical, emotional and intellectual intelligences of children in a cooperative and collaborative setting based on the most cutting edge research into children's learning and development."

"Simply children have more fun and the consequence is enhanced engagement and learning in the classroom." added Mr Carthew.

Made from a silky smooth, tough polyester fabric they are a joy to hold, squeeze and throw. Small children often seem overpowered by the dice's large 38cm cubed size; yet they have no trouble throwing them as they weigh less than a kilo. "Children just adore to jump, roll and revel in play with these dice," commented Mr Carthew

It's a turn of events for Mr Carthew who originally set out just to solve his own problem with an inflatable dice that always just wanted to go down.

Hence, it came as a surprise, when Dr Zyngier requested he take his giant dice to Monash University in October, to "throw" a workshop series for graduating students. Here, time is to be spent exploring the full potential of play and learning that can emerge through the use of this range of giant educational dice.

But for now, with each throw, roll and tumble of the dice, the future of our children's education seems more than ever destined, to be up in the air.

About Roger Carthew Printing:

●     Roger Carthew is an Eco-preneur and Managing Director, of Roger Carthew Printing, a leading eco-friendly manufacturing printer. They use leading edge digital technologies in concert with self generated solar power, recycled materials and innovative approaches to make a range of educational teaching aids.

●     Roger Carthew Printing, is a business of the Carthew Group, who has wide ranging interests in souvenirs, green consumer products, bar accessories, giant game party hire, vintage and nostalgia advertising signs for interior decor, handcrafted artistic chessboards and making industrial safety signs.

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