Occupational Nurse Inspires with Solutions for Midlife Makeover

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BetterHealthForLifeSolutions.com is a bold new website that approaches improved health from the perspective of a middle-aged person. Founded by occupational nurse Linda Meskimen, the website seeks to provide exercise and wellness resources for the middle-aged, as well as health information through a new blog.

As we get older we see more and more people with Alzheimer's disease, and mental activities like meditation can help prevent that.

When Linda Meskimen, founder of http://www.BetterHealthForLifeSolutions.com, launched her health and exercise website, she had a more specific audience in mind.

"We all hear about how important it is to be active, but I don't think middle-aged people realize just how important fitness is at that stage of their lives," said Meskimen. "I designed my website to promote awareness and provide resources for people who are middle-aged and want to get in better shape."

Meskimen, an occupational nurse, believes a regimen of fitness and toning exercises is essential for ensuring future good health and longevity. While her website focuses more on maintaining good physical condition, Meskimen is also a strong proponent of good mental health.

"People can find fitness equipment like exercise balls and resistance bands on the website, but in the future I'd like to promote mental health as well," said Meskimen. "As we get older we see more and more people with Alzheimer's disease, and mental activities like meditation can help prevent that."

In order to discuss different physical and mental activities for middle-aged people, as well as provide general health information, Meskimen created a new blog at http://www.HealthyMidlifeMakeover.com.

"On the blog I want to educate people on how to improve their health throughout middle-age, and talk about some of the myths and facts about exercise," said Meskimen. "It's important to be healthy as we age so we can enjoy all those later life activities like traveling, playing with grandchildren and going out with friends."

Meskimen believes her website will appeal to middle-aged people because of her practical approach to health and fitness.

"I think most middle-aged people want to be active and be in good shape, but don't want to commit to a difficult exercise program," said Meskimen. "I think a lot other websites are geared towards athletic people, but I designed my website for regular people who just want to improve their health and make the most out of their lives."

About the Company:
BetterHealthForLifeSolutions.com is owned and operated by Linda Meskimen, an occupational nurse and advocate for middle-age fitness.

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