Adds 70 Watt HID Light for Vehicles, Equipment and Boats

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Larson Electronics Magnalight adds a 6250 lumen HID spotlight, the HID-6670, to its range of 12 volt and 24 volt lighting for vehicles, boats and equipment. Offering lower amp draw and longer bulb life than high wattage halogen and quartz lights, the 70 watt HID light offers more illumination than 35 watt or 50 watt HID lights in the Magnalight 6600 series of HID lights.

This HID light is a new addition to the 66 series of HID spotlights and floodlights

Larson Electronics Magnalight introduced the 6670 series of High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights for vehicles, heavy equipment and boating applications. Producing 6,250 lumens and encapsulated in a rugged nylon housing, the 6 inch square lens produces a spot beam that reaches 4000 feet and a flood beam that spans nearly 400 feet in length and width. The 6670-S is the 70 watt HID light in a spotlight configuration, while the 6670-F is the HID equipment light with a flood lens configuration.

The HID light is supported by a stainless steel mounting base that is reinforced with shock absorbing bushings, which protect the spotlight and stabilize the beam. Drawing less than 6 amps on 12 Volts and less than 3 amps on 24 Volts, the 6670 HID spotlight will operate on any voltage ranging from 9 to 32 Volts. Including the mounting bracket, the 6670 is 9 inches tall and 8 inches deep while weighing just 4.2 pounds.

“This HID light is a new addition to the 66 series of HID spotlights and floodlights,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics Magnalight. “It features our new 70 watt HID ballast and bulb combination. The 6600 series of HID lights has always been one of our most popular lights, even in the 50 watt HID model. While many of the HID lights still feature 35 watt HID technology, our industrial, marine and military customer base is constantly searching for more illumination and more beam distance. The HID-6670 delivers nearly 2000 more lumens that the HID-6600 series at 50 watts. However, it still incorporates the shock absorbing mounting system, which helps to stabilize the beam on heavy equipment, tractors and other vibratory equipment. If you are working on a front loader for several hours at night, staring at a jiggling beam get real old. The nylon and stainless steel construction has served well in the commercial boating space, where fisherman of all sorts can subject the HID light to saltwater and other harsh conditions while still controlling their current usage. The 6670 HID light series, like its predecessors, operates off of a standard 12 volt or 24 volt vehicle or boat battery system. There is no high voltage or inverters to deal with. At 70 watts of HID light output, the 6670 HID light becomes an effective alternative to 300 watt quartz lights and other high wattage halogen type lighting often found on boats, heavy equipment and work vehicles. HID bulbs work without a filament, so there longevity exceeds 2000 hours. With no filament to break, HID lights offer a high level of vibration tolerance as well, which makes HID lights ideal for construction, boating, agricultural and military applications.”

Larson Electronics Magnalight offers a wide array of 12 volt and 24 volt lighting, including halogen lights, HID lights and LED lights. You can learn more about the HID-6670 HID light and the other Magnalight lights at or 1-800-369-6671.


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