The God of Abraham Can and Does Prove His Existence - The Only Alternative to Darwin and Dawkins

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A lifetime's search for God is now in a book "A Certain Life with A Certain Message" by LEM Godden. Not the type of person to seek publicity, it has taken 20 years to finalise this first book. Hardly believing herself that God's power could be experienced so profoundly and clearly, this book relates the first 40 years of her search and it is the first of a series of books.

The author experienced the power of God five times in 1988 whilst attending a London Church and other strange coincidences have occurred since that time. She says "It is for us all to experience when we seriously seek God consistently, persistently and over a period of time".

The strange circumstances of her Mother's last words to her shortly before her death in 1978 ( triggered the reading of all of the New Testament of the Bible within 3 weeks. Thus began an on going search for the Truth about God, yet this search began sub-consciously as early as 13 years of age.

Life has not been straightforward since these incidents and she categorically states she is "no saint", but that "God always reveals himself to anyone who seriously and consistently seeks Him over time, regardless of what they have done in life".

The key to this search is to pray daily and a thorough reading of what God has said in the books deemed to carry His words. These books being the Torah/Tanakh of the Jews which is reproduced in the Old Testament of the Bible, plus the Gospels of Jesus Christ and other writings reproduced as the New Testament in the Bible.

The author has also read the Qur'an twice and she suggests that a thorough reading of all these books by all people, including Jews, Christians, Muslims and unbelievers, would eventually eradicate terrorism.

She confirms that "All 3 religions believe in the same God of Abraham but the message He has given to us in these books has been distorted by many due to all these books not being read thoroughly enough, even by their own followers. If all these books are read thoroughly by all people, it is very clear what God wants for Jerusalem and for mankind. He wants Jerusalem for Himself and for mankind to lay down the gun".

The first book can be ordered from Waterstones, WHSmith and other similar outlets or on-line. To browse the first book and for other linked sites please go to website

This is the author's first book and another 4 books of this series of books will be published in due course.


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