In The Massive Debate On Nationalized Health Care, Where Does the Truth Lie? Dr. Wayne Liebhard's Updated Book Offers Insider Perspective

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A nation divided, once again. Not since the eve of the election have both Democrat and Republican agendas worked overtime to push those still sitting on the fence of health care reform, over to their own side. But in trying to uncover answers and make informed decisions, where do the agenda-driven politics end, and where does reality begin?

As a society, we are fat, overstressed, overdrugged, and irresponsible

Doctor and author Wayne D. Liebhard tears apart the myths popularized by pharmaceutical companies, the insurance industry, government entities, and yes, even patients, in the newly updated Elephants in the Exam Room: The Seven Things You Need To Know About Today's Health Care "Crisis" (Bascom Hill Publishing; September 2009; $15.95; ISBN 978-1-935098-20-1) His unique insider's perspective and extensive knowledge of the medical atmosphere and history in Minnesota - arguably the mecca of all things medicine, and home to such formative organizations as the Mayo Clinic and UnitedHealth - allows him a no holds barred, forthright and occasionally jolting account of what's really going on inside our health care system.

The crux of Liebhard's argument is that America is not in a health care crisis, but rather that our health care delivery system is in peril. "As a society, we are fat, overstressed, overdrugged, and irresponsible," says Liebhard. Our stress and obesity leads to increases in hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, and more, equaling a higher demand for prescription drugs. Would we spend less on health care if Americans took better care of themselves? Of course.

But patients are not the only ones to blame. Pharmaceutical companies cry "research and development" costs but then pocket fifteen times their R&D costs, per year. The insurance industry burdens doctors with pay-for-performance guidelines, forcing them to choose between their ethics and their own certifications. Politicians argue for universal health care and win votes, but are unarmed with the facts and workability. And the list goes on.

Elephants in the Exam Room aims to put the power back in the hands of those it rightfully belongs to: the doctors and patients. Hard-hitting, thoroughly-researched and unapologetic, Dr. Liebhard allows no one to stay hidden under the guise of ignorance or immobility. Elephants in the Exam Room is a fervent advocate for real change, right now, and is an essential, jarring read for all participants in and consumers of American health care. Visit for more information on this title.

About the author:
Dr. Wayne Liebhard has been practicing medicine in Minnesota for over 20 years. He is a former president of the University of Minnesota Medical Alumni Society and member of the Minnesota Medical Foundation. He holds degrees in the natural and social sciences from St John's University (MN0 and his articles have appeared in numerous publications including Minnesota Physician and the Star Tribune. He lives with his wife Joy near Prior Lake, Minnesota.


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