Traffic Ticket Attorney Feifer Warns Drivers: Back to School Season = Drive Safe, Drive Smart

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Back to school season is here, and motorists need to pay attention to a changing driving environment, says traffic ticket attorney Scott Feifer, Esq., of Feifer & Greenberg. September is one of his firm's busiest months for traffic tickets, and he feels that a lot of this has to do with changes on the road - summer is over, school has begun, and peole are back to work full time. Here's what drivers need to know to avoid traffic tickets during Back to School season.

Drivers need to adjust to a lot of changes right now

Back to school season is here, and motorists need to pay attention to a changing driving environment, says traffic ticket attorney Scott Feifer. School buses and students are back on the road and the end to summer vacation brings an increase in volume in general. It's a potentially dangerous mix and it's important to remind all drivers to be particularly careful at this time of year.

"Drivers need to adjust to a lot of changes right now," explains Feifer, co-founder of traffic ticket law firm Feifer & Greenberg, LLP ( and a service offering assistance nationwide at "September tends to be one of our busiest months and we believe that is attributed to the changes we see on the road once summer ends, school starts and people are back at work full time."

School buses are back and out in full force. They can slow traffic and alter traffic patterns on a very local level. School zones are once again active with pick ups, drop offs and pedestrian traffic. The penalties for violations involving school buses and school zones are particularly severe-- back to school enforcement "crackdowns" are very common at this time of year--and the potential damages from accidents involving these violations are unthinkable. In addition, there is a new crop of high school seniors who are driving to and from school and college students are also back on the road. These are either new or relatively inexperienced drivers who often drive fast and are easily distracted.

The bottom line, says Feifer, is with increased volume, new traffic patterns and more inexperienced drivers on the road comes the need to pay particular attention while driving during the back to school weeks.

Mr. Feifer offers the following top 5 "Back to School" tips to drivers:

1. Be alert. While this is always good advice, it's especially pertinent at this time of year. If you've been on auto pilot on the local roads during the summer it's time to pay attention to the buses and new traffic patterns.

2. Stop for school buses. Parents often request a police presence near bus stops to encourage drivers to drive cautiously. Treat flashing lights on a school bus like a traffic light and, once you see yellow, stop unless it's too late to safely do so. On red, stop no matter what.

3. Follow the rules of the road. While this too is always good advice, it's particularly important at times when there's greater volume and potentially more enforcement. Don't give an enforcement officer a reason to pull you over.

4. Know when you are in a school zone. School zone speed limits are often lower than the surrounding area and penalties for speeding in a school zone are often more severe than ordinary speeding violations. Watch your speed once you enter a school zone.

5. If you are pulled over, be polite. Enforcement officers may not be out for the sole purpose of issuing tickets. Perhaps you are just getting a warning or perhaps the officers are relaying information concerning a particular local initiative. In either case, don't give the officer a reason to turn what otherwise would be nothing into a traffic violation.

Feifer & Greenberg, LLP was founded in 2002 to serve drivers with traffic law and driving related matters. Feifer & Greenberg has successfully represented thousands of drivers and makes daily appearances on behalf of clients before the Traffic Violations Bureau, the Taxi and Limousine Commission and courts throughout New York State. Call Scott Feifer at 877-529-4849 or 877-LAW 4 TIX. For more information, visit or

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