The AAFM ™ - American Academy of Financial Management Board of Standards Signs Direct Alliance and Articulation Agreement with the Arab Academy of Banking and Financial Sciences and The Center for Certified Financiers & Bankers for the: Middle East. The USA AAFM Board Also Signs New Direct Alliances in: China, Asia, India, EU, Africa, and Latin America. The AAFM and the Government Recognized Arab Academy Create Joint Programs and New AABFS Certification Board

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The AAFM Board of Standards forms agreements to allow government recognized certification education and professional designation course distribution throughout the 22 nations of the Arab League. The Academy of Financial Management and Project Managment create new registered certified programs and registered providers and alliance distribution in Middle East, EU, Asia, Africa, Latin America, India, China, and more...

The AAFM Board of Standards and Accreditation Commission is delighted to work directly with the Arab Academy - AABFS where government recognized educational programs will lead to AAFM Professional Designations and Board Certifications in both Finance and Management.

After fruitful negotiation in the United States, the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences, which is one of the pan-Arab organizations operating within the system of joint Arab action, and the USA based American Academy of Financial Management, reached an Alliance and Articulation Agreement, which was signed by Prof. Dr. Isam Zabalwi, Arab Academy President, and Prof. Dr. George Mentz, American Academy CEO.

The AAFM special alliance is a first of its kind agreement with the AABFS Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences and The Center for Certified Financiers & Bankers which are based in Jordan & Cairo and other Arab League States. The (AABFS) is a not-for-profit institution, owned by the 22 Nation League of Arab States.

The Arab Academy enjoys full governmental recognition and diplomatic status, financial, and administrative independence. AABFS is considered to be the only Arab academic institution that provides an integral spectrum of activities (education, training, research and publication, consultancy, and Arab Regional Certification). The main two activities of the AABFS are Education and Professional Training. In its specialized Master and Ph.D programs, The Arab Academy AABFS has more than 5000 students, and the AABFS trains more than 9000 professionals yearly in money and banking sectors.

Prof. Dr. Zabalwi stated that this Alliance Agreement covers cooperation in the implementation of sets of training programs, leading to global certification in six professional disciplines, each discipline consists of sub-sets of specialized certifications, as follows:

A) Investments, Finance, Banking, and Related Programs.
B) Risk Management, AML, Crimes, Legal, Regulatory and Ethical.
C) Asset Protection, Taxation, Trusts, Estates, and Business Law.
D) Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management.
E) Wealth Management and Financial Planning.
F) Project Management, E-Business, Planning, HR, Leadership, Quality, Process, Service, e-Commerce, or related programs.

Prof. Dr. Zabalwi emphasized that the AAFM Board has authorized for the first time various management and financial certification programs for delivery in the Arab League countries. He reiterated that both parties agreed to mobilize all their professional resources to deliver these certifications at highest global standards, to all candidates who fulfill their requirements, and concluded that the Arab Academy is dedicated to enhance the institutional and individual performance of its client- base, including banks, financial institutions and companies in various sectors.

Prof. Dr. George Mentz, Esq. - Founder and CEO of the AAFM International Board of Standards said, "The AAFM Board of Standards and Accreditation Commission is delighted to work directly with the Arab Academy - AABFS where government recognized educational programs will lead to AAFM Professional Designations and Board Certifications in both Finance and Management." Furthermore, the agreement includes the Arab Academy special distribution of the American Academy and International Academy's - Project Management Certifications such as MPM ™ Master Project Manager ™ and CIPM ™ Certified International Project Manager ™ .

The AABFS integrates their accredited education with AAFM's Proprietary Certification Programs and Curriculums to offer "Joint Branded Certifications, Designations, and Diplomas". While the Arab Academy & AAFM graduate certification relationship is a first, the AAFM has also created stronger alliances in Asia, India, Africa, Europe, China, Latin America and more.....    AAFM CEO, Prof. Dr. George Mentz, will co-chair the new AABFS Arab Academy certification board and Mentz and other AAFM leaders will continue to serve on the advisory boards of the China Board/Asia Standards Council, The Indian Academy Board, the African Economist Association Board, the Royal Society Board USA and EU, and the Capitulo Latinoamérica Board, and the EU Board. In July, The AAFM USA Founding Board of Standards also signed an accord with the AAFM China and the CWMM China Wealth Management Council of Beijing & Hong Kong and signed a new agreement with The AAFM Singapore Society for non-profit administration.

In June, the IIFM India Institute of Financial Management and the Indian Business Academy Signed a letter of Articulation and Mutual Recognition with the AAFM Board USA, and the AAFM USA and the AAPM Project Management Board recently received a Letter of Positive Estimation from an Official Indian Presidential Advisory Member and recognition from the Indian Management Academy.

The AAFM certifying body and standards structure was the first graduate certification program to be globally online and transparent for over a decade, and the AAFM is committed to excellence in graduate education standards. In the USA and North America, the AAFM Certifications requires government recognized education from double accredited business schools of the AACSB, ACBSP or from law programs of the ABA. Similarly, the AAFM offers recognition to over 560 double accredited business school of the ACBSP and AACSB, and the AAFM is the first in the world to accredit and approve Law School Graduate Courses as a path to professional certification.

This year, the AAFM has been a honorary co-host of the China Finance Forum and the International Finance Conference - Latin America.

All Rights Reserved - The AAFM - International Board of Standards is a member of and grants provisional recognition to the: AACSB, ACBSP, International Society Business Education, National Business Education Association, ANSI American National Standards Institute, NOCA National Organization for Competency Assurance. American Academy of Financial Management AAFM Handbooks and Webcontent © are Federally Copyrighted Materials AAFM USA is the Owner/Founder of the Flagship and Trademarked CWM Certified Chartered Wealth Manager ™ Program Worldwide. AAFM - The Gold Standard of Graduate Wealth Management Certification ™ Building the World's Leaders in Management ™ AAFM Certification Accreditation is the Gold Standard Graduate Credentials.

About The AAFM and AAPM

American Academy of Financial Management ©: The AAFM ™ International Board of Standards LLC is the certifying body, standards council and accreditation commission for finance and management operating worldwide. The AAFM Awards the certification and charters to those who meet the 6 graduate criteria including accredited education. The Board & Presidential Commissioners act to improve standards and policy while recognizing the best educational programs and serving the organization and stakeholders. The AAFM Board owns the certification marks, Intellectual Property, trade secrets and federally registered copyrights, which it issues to individuals in good standing who successfully complete the public and government disclosed accredited educational requirements. The AAFM Board has certified members in over 150 countries and also is in alliance with the American Academy of Project Management For more about AAFM Board, visit For several years, the International Board of Standards owns the copyrights and trademarks for various curriculums, programs, and owns the: MPM ™ Master Project Manager ™ ; CIPM ™ Certified International Project Manager ™ IAFM, IAPM, Trademarks, Apps, or Copyrights on a Federal, State and Global Level.

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