Squirrels Go Fly a Kite -- Birds are Taking Back Their Feeders!

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Sick of pesky squirrels? The Viewpoints community reviews a few of the most innovative, and most entertaining, squirrel-proof bird feeders.

It is metal and all caged. The birds hang on to the squares. It is truly their favorite of all my feeders. I can hardly keep up with their eating habits.

Tired of the never-ending battle to keep squirrels out of the birdfeeder? Members of Viewpoints.com, a leading consumer-generated ratings and reviews site, say they've have had enough. Now they're sharing advice about their favorite squirrel proof products to help you win the war against these pesky rodents.

Yankee Flipper Squirrel Proof Birdfeeder:
Viewpoints members are flipping out over the Yankee Flipper Squirrel Proof Birdfeeder. "It's worth its weight in gold for the entertainment value alone," says Buggheart, a member on Viewpoints.

The Yankee Flipper Birdfeeder uses a weight activated feeding perch that is calibrated to ignore birds, but reacts to the weight of a squirrel. As soon as a squirrel steps on the perch, the motor turns on and starts spinning the feeder until the squirrel is flipped off.

"If they get on it they spin round and round (which is so much fun to watch) and get spun off," Cinbentay says. "Don't worry--they won't get hurt and it only takes one time for them to learn not to get on." Hundreds of thousands of people have already been entertained by Youtube videos of the Yankee Flipper in action."

Wild Bill's Bird Feeder:
Need a more drastic solution for your squirrel problem? Russ suggests Wild Bill's Bird Feeder. "The great thing about this bird feeder is that it really does keep the squirrels out of the food," says Russ. "At first I didn't believe it would actually keep the squirrels out, but now that I've seen it in action I'm a convert."

Using battery power, the Wild Bill Bird Feeder gives squirrels a mild shock when they attempt to get the bird food. Though some members, including starbuckscat, believe "there are better alternatives," the squirrel proof bird feeder does have an ASPCA seal of approval, so it is not harmful to playful squirrels. It just teaches the squirrels to leave the bird food to the birds.

Grosbeak says "in 40 years of feeding the birds, this is truly the best, most efficient feeder I've ever owned."

Citadel Squirrel Proof Single Tube Bird Feeder:
The Citadel Squirrel Proof Single Tube Bird Feeder features an outside wire cage which allows for easy access by birds of many shapes and sizes while preventing squirrels from accessing the main feeding tube.

"The Citadel Bird Feeder lasts forever," Jo says. "It is metal and all caged. The birds hang on to the squares. It is truly their favorite of all my feeders. I can hardly keep up with their eating habits."

Though she feels the feeder is not completely squirrel proof, Jo says her birds think the Citadel Feeder is the "squirrel's meow."

Know of other products that will keep the squirrels at bay? Write a review to share with the Viewpoints community. You can also read reviews on everything from gardening tools and lawn mowers to electronics and baby products.

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