A Warrior for Health Care and Peace -- Congressman Dennis Kucinich Visits Waking Up In America

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Ohio Congressman to be featured on Dr. Val Kirkgaard's program on the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network on Septermber 16, 2009 at 3 PM Pacific Time.

Join Doctor Val and Gail Elen as they get the low down on Health Care andengage in the story of a very interesting Congressman who isn't cut from regular cloth. Elected as mayor of Cleveland at the ripe old age of 31, Dennis Kucinich was the youngest person ever elected to lead a major American city.

Dennis and Goliath would be a great book title to describe the driving force of this man's life. Known for his courage and willingness to battle corporate giants - he has produced results that directly benefit the citizens of our country - from saving jobs, to saving money and saying no to greedy banks and political greed.

For those of you who were inspired by President Obama's nationally televised speech on Health Care, Dennis says, "The President's health care policy speech was brilliant but when you get into the details another picture emerges. Unfortunately, at this point, the proposal outlined last night is the ultimate corporate giveaway. It's not health care, it's insurance care. As many as thirty million new customers for an insurance industry which makes money not providing health care. The only way this country will see true health is by investing in real health care. That is the essence of HR676, the single payer bill. 

The President opened his speech speaking of how we have solved the economic crisis - how? By rewarding those who caused the crash! Is this the way we solve the health care crisis? Rewarding the insurance companies? Helping insurance and pharmaceutical stock to soar, propping up markets while skimping on health care? The very same system which caused the health care crisis is being rewarded with the guarantee of tens of millions of new customers mandated - by law - to have health care.

The latest plan rewards the very companies that have denied treatment, denied care, denied drug coverage while their profits grow daily. The only way this country will see true sustainable economic recovery is through investment in the real economy, priming the pump through job creation. The only way this country will see true health is by investing in real health care."

In Congress, Kucinich has co-authored and co-sponsored legislation to create a national health care system, preserve Social Security, lower the cost of prescription drugs, provide economic development through infrastructure improvements, abolish the death penalty, provide universal prekindergarten to all 3, 4, and 5 year olds, create a Department of Peace, regulate genetically engineered foods, repeal the USA PATRIOT Act, withdraw from Iraq, and provide tax relief to working class families.

This program is dedicated to Frank J. Kucinich, Jr, recently departed precious brother of Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich who brings intelligence, beauty, compassion and love at first sight to Ohio's long time Congressman, Dennis Kucinich. We also dedicate this program to the people of America, who have a "warrior " for the removal of corporate privilege and domination.

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