Scott Geertsen: Showing Immediate Career Options via His New Creative Wellness Business Concept

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Instant Career Options and Better Health are the Reason for Success for a Utah Entrepreneur

punch destined for all that are involved

With millions being effected by the job market meltdown options are an immediate need and with the help of a creative Utah Entrepreneur Americans are finding needed answers thru the creative business model being marketed by Salt Lake City native Scott Geertsen. "When you have an instant career option tied into the booming healthy industry you have a powerful "one-two" punch destined for all that are involved," said Scott Geertsen.

Scott Geertsen is a University of Utah graduate who spent many years following the path of corporate employment that has defined the landscape of this country for the past few decades. "My story is very common in that I graduated with a degree in Accounting and played both the corporate game as well as owning my own Software Development Company," said Geertsen, "and the experiences are part of the creation of who I am today as I learned from the success and failures of both ventures and eventually decided that my destiny would only happen if I had the complete capacity to determine the outcome. I spent a number of years as a home based entrepreneur "learning the ropes" and when I read an article a few years ago on the potential that the energy beverage industry offered I become very intrigued and with the help of some talented industry contacts I have a business model ( that is destined to change the financial future for my family and all those involved due to the following:

  • Healthy Beverage Technology is a Multi-Million Dollar per year industry...."in 2006 revenue on Energy drinks registered over $3.5 billion in sales on a worldwide scale and with the current trends of fitness awareness in the USA and elsewhere those figures are growing on a nearly double digit annual basis ..."
  • One of the industry's most nutritionally complete beverages NOT based on Preservatives, Sugar, Artificial Sweeteners, or Harmful Chemicals and "no shake down" effects as most energy drinks and other beverages go thru a "hot-fill" process cycle of pasteurization which eliminates most all of the nutritional values ... but with a patented "Blast Cap Technology" delivery system customers receive nutrition at the peak of ripeness with a freeze dried powder that is delivered into the water through the blast cap which equates to the ultimate in benefits and nutritional value .."
  • One of the most lucrative pay plans geared specifically toward rewarding both the "little guy" and the "seasoned veteran" in the home based industry and designed by some of the most brilliant minds in the business today. "Support and pay those at the bottom is how one creates success and this compensation payout plan is geared toward finding the best and helping them reward the core group that is key to success in building a successful home based championship team … when I sit down for a simple half hour meeting with associates and they digest in full what this compensation offers the words of "how do I get involved" are usually in play very quickly ..."
  • A customized website, unlimited technical back office support and the finest training offered to home based employment entrepreneurs. "Working by yourself and in business for yourself does not mean you should not have the support I was familiar with from my corporate employment days," said Geertsen, "and that is a part of this business model that I am truly proud of as there are too many home based employment models that offer "unlimited income potential" with very limited interface once the individual entrepreneur makes a commitment. In addition I have in place programs to help save children's lives in remote areas needing vaccinations with preserve vaccines in a powder delivered where they are most needed and have committed to planting 10 trees for every new team member that comes on board ... simply stated: I am helping save careers, improving the health and wellness of individuals and offering much needed help in saving our children and the environment. This business model is creating new standards daily and by the quality of my new team members we are destined to be part of history!"

Entrepreneurs searching for a secure business venture can reach Mr. Geertsen in his Utah office @ 801-450-8595


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