Hyptalk.com Tackles Swine Flu with a Free Healing MP3

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Could Hypnosis prevent you from Catching the Swine Flu? Will Watching the News about Swine Flu Make You Sick?

Stay Healthy and Well with Hypnosis

Spend 30 minutes a day in Hypnosis, and you will greatly improve your chances of staying healthy this year (and every year). Hyptalk.com wants to show you just how powerful your mind is and your thoughts are by giving away their brand new release of "Stay Healthy and Well with Hypnosis" A two-track Downloadable Hypnosis MP3, valued at $39.00.

Hyptalk.com has created a special website for customers and newcomers alike to download a Free Hypnosis MP3 throughout the Flu season. For those who might be scared of the risks involved with the Swine Flu Vaccine, Hypnosis provides a risk-free alternative. The healing benefits found in hypnosis have been known about and researched for decades. Hypnosis has been positively regarded by the American Medical Society (AMA) as a useful therapeutic tool since 1958. Well before the AMA, hypnosis was an ancient art widely used in the Orient as an all purpose medical tool.

Now Hyptalk.com has created a program, helping you to boost your immunity levels using your subconscious mind. It is free for a limited time only and can be now downloaded at http://www.beatswineflunow.com.

Not only will this program work to help prevent you from getting Swine Flu H1N1, but it will help you avoid influenza all together as well as make a huge difference in your level of stress. Stress is the number one cause of illness. So, you could find yourself staying healthy from all colds and viruses.

"It really hit home with me just how serious this is when a dear friend of mine's daughter landed in the ICU in total isolation in Jupiter, FL" Victoria Gallagher says, "I wish I had been able to reach people sooner with this program, because I believe we really can prevent this from getting out of hand if people would only learn how to program their minds to stay healthy."

"I was already working on a Hypnosis program for help with the Swine Flu and will eventually sell it for $39.00 like the rest of my Two-Session Hypnosis programs" Victoria Gallagher, president of Hyptalk.com says. "Right now, I just want to focus on what I can do to stop this. I feel it's my responsibility to share this information with the world."

Of course, in addition to the Hypnosis you must also continue to use the common sense tips that are provided by the officials. Keeping your hands sanitized is a big key. Eating healthy, getting plenty of rest, moderate exercise, drinking water, and taking vitamins will all be allies for you to stay well.

Hypnosis is Safe and Natural and Easy. Nearly everyone can be Hypnotized if they are willing to be.

Hypnosis is a level of awareness, a state you naturally enter into many times throughout the day and don't realize it. You are getting hypnotized whenever you watch television, read a book, or do other activities which involve repetition.

Watching the news about the Swine Flu Pandemic on TV can instantly put you in a hypnotic trance because a strong emotion, such as Fear creates an altered state of awareness, otherwise called a Hypnotic Trance. Then you hear the list of symptoms (while in this trance) and it is just like giving a direct command to your subconscious mind.

However, you can combat those commands by spending anywhere from 15 and 30 minutes in hypnosis daily and think about and visualize the positive outcomes you want to create.
You are instructed in the hypnotic session to think phrases like "I am staying well" versus "I don't want to get sick" While the phrases may seem to be saying the same thing; they have two entirely different effects on the subconscious mind which controls your immune system.

For additional information on how to get the free hypnosis download, a $39.00 value, visit http://www.beatswineflunow.com

About Hyptalk.com:

Hyptalk.com, LLC is one of the most recognized names in hypnosis. In business since 1999. They have a huge catalog of over 100 Hypnosis CDs and DVDs to choose from. They have a strong reputation for satisfying their customers. Their recording technology is state of the art.


Victoria Gallagher, President


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