Fifth Grade Teacher Advocates Clean Air for Kid's Sake

Share Article is a new website founded by fifth grade teacher Laura Porcaro. The website seeks to educate teachers and parents about the benefits of air purification in the classroom and at home, provide innovative product solutions and raise awareness of healthier living through a new blog.

Even with this small air purifier, I'm protecting my kids against streptococcus, several strains of influenza and even the common cold.

Laura Porcaro, founder of, understands how important it is to have clean air in her fifth grade classroom.

"I keep a small ionic air purifier near my desk, which helps to eliminate toxins from the air and also kill harmful bacteria," said Porcaro. "Even with this small air purifier, I'm protecting my kids against streptococcus, several strains of influenza and even the common cold."

Living in New Jersey, Porcaro is accustomed to damp and humid weather, and stumbled upon ionic air purifiers while looking to improve the air quality in her own home.

"When I first found out about ionic air purifiers, I was just looking for something to make the air at home a little fresher," said Porcaro. "But when I started researching air ionization, I was astounded at how powerful it was, and that's what inspired me to start a website."

Soon Porcaro was advocating the benefits of ionic air purifiers to her fellow teachers and school administrators, and convinced the faculty to place ionic air purifiers throughout the school in an effort to prevent the spread of disease and illness.

"Right now a lot of parents are concerned about swine flu, and while there isn't yet enough data to indicate ionic air purifiers can kill the swine flu virus, studies have shown ionic air purifiers are effective at killing other strains of influenza, like avian flu," said Porcaro. "The research is still emerging, but early studies indicate ionic air purifiers will be effective against H1N1."

In order to promote awareness of ionic air purification, Porcaro created a new blog at

"I want the blog to be a place where parents, teachers and interested others can come to read about the benefits of ionic air purification," said Porcaro. "Ionic air purification is a process that has existed in nature for millions of years, so there are no side effects or risk factors involved, and the benefits are quite well documented.

While foremost Porcaro hopes to see an ionic purifier in all households and classrooms, she's also a strong advocate for healthier living practices, and her website offers a wide range of products for living green. "I carry products that can better remove toxins from laundry, eliminate refrigerator odors and even kill allergens," said Porcaro. "I'm dedicated to becoming the online resource for all green living solutions."

About the Company: is owned and operated by Laura Porcaro, a fifth grade teacher and advocate for green living.

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