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Books about life and all its up and downs.

Michael chronicled ten years of his and his sister's youth in his first attempt at writing, "It's Just About Me, 23 Dover Street," which published in 2004. Always enjoying the activity of "note making" he has continued to write and has produced a collection of his notes in "The Sail Needs the Wind," published in 2006, which was inspired by "Notes to Myself" by Hugh Prather. In 2009, a third book, "Summer's Eve", was published. The summers spent at McKeough Park in Chatham as a child encouraged Michael to write a fictional story about three young boys whose summer in 1963 didn't quite pan out as they had hoped.

Post secondary education took Michael away from Chatham in 1963. The following forty-two years, thirty of which were spent working in local government, also included employment in the manufacturing industry, the not-for-profit sector, financial services and two amazing years in Mexico. Michael has a loving daughter from his first marriage and three beautiful grand'daughters. His second relationship includes an additional daughter, grand'daughter, and son, all of which have brought much meaning to his life. Returning to Chatham in 2005, Michael continues to make notes and plans to complete further writing projects. He, with his very best friend, love, and wife, Mary, now reside in Tucson, AZ.


"The Sail Needs the Wind" has to do with what has occupied my thoughts for my entire adult life…and that is quite simply, life itself. How we move through its maze; how its essence enters us and how we deal with its moment to moment flood and simply survive. ..and in no cursory way, thoughts about the Creator. I also have to ask, who are we?…why are we?... and where exactly are heaven and hell?

Humanity is not easy and it appears we have little faith in ourselves…which I find unbelievably sad. We have been lulled into this state by the patronizing and the greedy and to some degree by those who would readily seek compromise to avoid meaningful collaboration.

We have been in a state of war since our consciousness flowered, nothing has been gained, and we continue to believe, sans proof, that prayer will do more than just comfort the disparately praying soul.

My notes are reactions to people and situations, both on the job and in personal relationships. I am not naïve enough to believe that living is not complicated…and that everyone lighting just one little candle would create a brighter and more welcoming world. But I am also smart enough to know that retaliation never works; that at some point someone much brighter than anyone who exists today must say "no" no more and that offering the light and warmth of that one little candle may just start a revolution for the one thing that we so disparately want, but for the life of us cannot find…peace.

"It's Just About Me" is about growing up. A childhood is bumps, bruises, giggles and embarrassment…butterflies, broken hearts and birthdays….new beginnings, wondrous discovery of the world outside your home…new sights, sounds, touches and tastes…what next door really is and who lives there…where values taught at home fit in with neighborhood friends, school chums and teachers…checking yourself out against this new world and dealing with what sometimes frightens you with no recourse to mom and dad.

These were my childhood. And it was a treasure. It's about growing up…about the price and the blessings…that it is a gift and not an ordeal to endure until adulthood.

My world from the age of five was mine to discover and stumble through. The hard knocks were of my own doing. However, I was not unique. Many faced and successfully overcame similar challenges and frustrations.

The reader may find some comfort in knowing this. No matter how unique and different their childhood might have been, others shared a similar path. That knowledge, laughter and tears is what the writer offers.

"Summer's Eve" is mainly about Jake Barnes' summer. He expected it to be like past summers in Chatham, through which he sauntered with his two 'amigos' - Donny and Dibs - laughing, poking fun at others from a distance, hanging at the park, ogling girls and being particularly irresponsible. However, life's twists and turns saw it quite differently. Family challenges; work; high school and new thoughts about post-secondary education; and a girl, Eve, changed it all. It was time to put away those childish things.

Michael can be contacted at: donmiguel43 (at) hotmail (dot) com or simply Google Michael W Dymond.


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